Interactive Designer 2.0 Released

You may have noticed a design change in the eDocBuilder HTML5 Interactive Designer over the past week. This is because its a new an much improved version of our very popular designer. We continue to make major improvements to our designer and this new release is by far the largest refactoring of code so far.

Also tablet owners will be very happy to know that the eDocBuilder HTML5 Interactive Designer will now have an interface that is tailored just for their platform. We dedicated most of our time to improving the responsiveness of the designer so it would work well on less powerful tablets while at the same time integrating the current application structure into a touch based mobile familiar interface.

Here is a short list of our most notable improvement in the eDocBuilder HTML5 Interactive Desgner:

  • Template optimization resulting in 50% to 100% increased load time on templates and 200% to 300% increased load time on larger templates.
  • Consecutive page loading, get the first page FAST and load the rest in the background.
  • A cleaner and faster user interface that doesn’t clash with current skins and uses less images for even faster loading.
  • Major cross browser / platform improvements, IE8 on windows XP now runs smoothly.
  • Improved zooming, not only does the zoom interface look better but with our new element priority queuing it resolves twice as fast.
  • Major mobile overhaul, we rebuilt our entire mobile architecture from the ground up.