Aleyant Nets Big Success for Winchester Printers

Aleyant client Winchester Printers is featured in the March 2013 issue of Printing Impressions magazine. We were glad to see Pressero mentioned as an element in their success story!

Web-to-print capabilities is another area where Winchester Printers has a high potential ceiling. After doing research for a couple of years, [Chris] Hottle and [Bill] Casella happened upon the Aleyant Systems booth at Graph Expo, where the pair were duly impressed with the Pressero system they saw. Two days after returning from Chicago, a curious call came from a customer.

“One of our clients called and said, ‘Hey, that Web-to-print storefront you were talking about the other day…I just sold it to one of my customers,’ ” Casella recalls. “We basically had two days to create a demo site for a presentation we had to give at a corporate headquarters the following Monday. But, with only two days’ experience and a graphic arts background, I was able to design a basic site for them. Because of that meeting, our customer was able to land the account.”

Within two years, Winchester posted 200 variable products on the site that serves a company with 1,400 users. A second client was obtained shortly after, and Casella notes the experience was much simpler and, to date, even more profitable than the original site.

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