2 Layer Confirmation & More Now Available in Latest Aleyant Pressero & eDocBuilder Release

In this blog:

  • Pressero enhancements
    • 2 Layer Confirmation (for Approving Orders via Email)
    • Updates to Payment Methods
    • eDocBuilder enhancements

2 Layer Confirmation (For Approving Orders Via Email)

In this Pressero release, we enabled an enhancement at the site level that allows customers to add a second layer of order approvals to avoid firewall issues.

In Admin > [select site] > Settings > General (tab) > Approval, users previously had the option to set up One Click Approvals. Now, when users click the “Allow One Click Approvals” checkbox, a second checkbox is visible: “Turn On 2 Layer Confirmation.” (See new screen below.) By checking the “Turn On 2 Layer Confirmation” checkbox, the approver who receives the approval email is required to click a second Approve box to confirm their choice. This second layer will help circumvent the issue where a firewall was automatically approving the order approval email.


Reminder: Updates to Payment Methods

We continue to encourage users to update their payment methods in an effort to better protect customer financial information.

In this release, we removed the following old payment methods from the list when you “Add a New Payment Method.” (These payment methods are no longer able to be added as a new method in Pressero.)

  • ANZ eGate
  • PayU
  • SafeSave Standard
  • SagePay
  • Authorise.Net CIM
  • Authorise.Net Standard
  • CyberSource
  • Moneris
  • PayFlowPro Standard
  • PayPal Pro

As a reminder, all Pressero subscribers are affected by this update. The target date for completion is October 9. We want to hear back from you if you have any issues as you implement these changes; please open a support ticket. For all other inquiries, please contact us at feedback@aleyant.com.

What action is required for Pressero subscribers?
Pressero subscribers must update all of their Payment Methods for the following payment methods:

    • If you have existing Authorize.Net CIM or Authorize.Net Standard method(s), re-enter them using “Authorize.Net Hosted”
    • If you have existing CyberSource method(s), re-enter them using “CyberSource Hosted”
    • If you have existing Moneris method(s), re-enter them using “Moneris Hosted”
    • If you have existing PayFlow Payments Gateway method(s) and PayPal Payments Pro method(s), re-enter them using “PayFlow Pro Hosted”

Note: Follow these steps to request your Payflow Pro credentials within a PayPal Payments Pro account for use when integrating to your shopping cart where Payflow credentials are necessary. (https://www.paypal.com/us/smarthelp/article/how-do-i-create-payflow-api-credentials-with-a-paypal-payments-pro-account-faq3209)

What is the timeframe?
We have a target date for removal of the old methods of October 9.

Links to documentation
The updated process for all Payment Methods is documented in the Knowledge Base articles about creating payment methods (Chapter 18 Payment Methods) and setting up payment methods per site (Chapter 38 Setting Up the Payment Methods for Sites). The Knowledge Base article about setting up Authorize.Net Hosted as a payment method has also been updated (Setting Up Authorize.Net in Pressero).

Also read the new Knowledge Base FAQ, “How do I enable Google reCAPTCHA for my Pressero site?” (link to https://support.aleyant.com/kb/a1607/how-do-i-enable-google-recaptcha-for-my-pressero-site.aspx)

In this eDocBuilder release:

  • Improvements to the Field Designer Asset Area
  • Uploading graphic files in Field Designer
  • Changing Field Type in Field Designer

eDocBuilder Enhancements

This release of eDocBuilder features several significant enhancements in Field Designer, including improvements in the asset area of Field Designer. We have implemented the capability to upload graphic files directly in Field Designer and save them as assets.

We have added the capability inside Field Designer to change an existing field to that of a different type (text, image, barcode or nonprintable area). Select the field you want to change, and its current type becomes highlighted in the General tab on the right side of the editor. Click the icon of the field type you want to change it to.



For more information regarding Pressero web-to-print, please visit pressero.com.

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