Aleyant Customer Spotlight: Jason Abraham Sign & Design

Jason Abraham Sign & Design has come along way from where it began back in 2013 in its owner’s Jason Abraham’s basement. In 2017, the company moved to a 1200 square foot location and in 2018, they expanded to add another floor space of an additional 1200 square feet. In October 2019, they moved in their current location in Winnipeg, Manitoba which has about 4500 square feet while at the same time expanded their business and acquired new equipment such as a CNC router and Flatbed UV to support the changing dynamics of business operations. These investments gave them the production capacity and ability to create more products that can be offered with the help of their recently implemented Pressero website. Now they are printing on various substrates for custom signage, stickers, mailings, t-shirts, name plates, promotional items, outdoor park signs and more for their B2B and B2C customers.
In recent months, Jason Abraham Sign & Design has adopted Aleyant Pressero, PrintJobManager and tFLOW in an effort to increase sales and improve their print workflow. Pressero was needed to handle online orders. PrintJobManager was needed to better manage the new volume of jobs coming into the shop from their new online Pressero storefronts and generally ensure they are on top of things. tFLOW is expected to relieve some pressure in the prepress area of the business. Jason’s team has been busy setting up their new B2C storefront, adding products as well as creating five new B2B sites.
Timing couldn’t have been better to get all of this set up as the COVID-19 crisis began in March this year. Because they  were well-positioned for online print sales, they were able to quickly switch gears and use their equipment to print essential items during the pandemic such as social distancing floor decal signs, “We’re Open” signs for retail stores, face shields and barriers for retail check out areas. With this additional work, sales have grown 100% from last year, doubling sales.
Jason and his team are keeping this momentum going by encouraging new and current customers to use their new online Pressero storefronts for reorders and new orders in the future.
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