Adding New Addresses in the Storefront Keeps Getting Easier (and More!) in the Latest Aleyant Pressero™ Update

We’ve updated our Pressero Web-to-Print software with new capabilities that are available immediately.  Below are the new features highlighted in this release:

Re-Order # Now Listed on Email Notifications

In a recent release, we added the re-order # to various pages of the ordering process as well as order detail and reports. With this release, we have now added it to the New Order and Approve Order Email Notifications as part of the Cart Summary details that are shown. So now you’ll know if the job is a reorder, and what the previous job number was.

Adding a New Address on the Product Page

We’ve made it easier for your customers to add a new address to their Address Books right from the Product Page by adding a direct link for a new address in the drop down menu and adding a pop up window right on the page for them to complete. In the past your customers had to add a new address in their Address Books before selecting it on this page. Look for similar functionality coming to the Shopping Cart and Checkout Page in an upcoming release!

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 7.19.49 PM

As seen in the screenshots above and below, if given permission, your customers can now select the option to add a new address from the drop down menu on the Product page. This option will activate a pop up window so they can add that new address without leaving the page.


Changes to Default and Custom Skins

  • We have recently added a new Knowledge Based article in our support system that will share details with you on skin changes we made that may affect your custom skins. In each release, we will make a note if there are items you should read about. This release does include some items you may want to check out. Select here to go to that new KB article with details.
  • If you are using Responsive Skin #6, you will notice with this release we have added the User Name to the header when the user is logged in.

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