Aleyant Adds Bi-Directional Integration with Tharstern MIS to Pressero

Simplifies workflow across the production process from pricing and order entry through inventory management 

March 28, 2022. Wheaton IL. Aleyant, an innovative leader in providing robust software services to the graphic communications industry, and Tharstern, a provider of Management Information Software for the printing, packaging and label industries, today announced the availability of a brand-new bi-directional integration between Aleyant Pressero web-to-print and Tharstern’s industry leading MIS solution. Both companies pursued this integration at the request of some of their mutual customers looking to streamline workflow with more seamless connectivity between the two applications. 

“At Aleyant, we are committed to open systems,” said Trent Foreman, CEO. “We already had some connectivity with Tharstern with XML punch-outs, but the goal of this initiative was to provide true bi-directional integration to, among other things, utilize a single pricing system across the workflow as well as to take advantage of Tharstern’s robust inventory management module. By integrating with Tharstern, we are adding them to the more than 2,000 integrations we already have in place, an important step for both companies.” 

Foreman explains that this integration will ensure that when pricing tables are created or edited, it only needs to be done once, and any changes or additions will automatically flow through the system, regardless of whether the change is made in Pressero or Tharstern. Additionally, the integration enables Pressero to see into Tharstern’s inventory management system, both decrementing the inventory when an order is placed and alerting customers if an item is out of stock or preventing them from ordering an out-of-stock item, depending on how the customer wants to handle this situation. This integration will save users time and help prevent costly errors, as well as provide a more seamless customer experience. 

“We have a uniquely diversified product offering,” said John Henry Ruggieri, Managing Director at Florida-based SunDance, “We have a talented and flexible team that is adept at delivering exceptional customer service, but our previous print management software just couldn’t keep up with the fast pace of our operations. We needed a foundation where we could customize to manage a wide variety of job types, materials, vendors, inventories, pricing, scheduling and accounting. We chose Tharstern, partly because they were willing to work with our other partners, including Aleyant, to craft a truly integrated workflow. As a long-time user of Aleyant Pressero as our primary web-to-print and order entry system, this collaboration was especially important to us. And we are delighted with the results the two teams have delivered! It is saving us significant time and reduces the opportunity for errors that can occur when excessive manual intervention is required in a busy manufacturing environment.” 

“We are pleased to be partnering with Aleyant” said Lee Ward, Chief Revenue Officer at Tharstern, “Integration and connectivity is in our DNA and we love working on projects like this with innovative companies like Aleyant. We know that helping our customers create connected workflows using best-of-breed technologies will give them a competitive advantage, and that’s what we’ve achieved here. The Aleyant team has been great to work with and they are just as customer-focused as we are and that’s important for a successful partnership.” 

This new integration with Tharstern is immediately available worldwide. Aleyant and Tharstern are jointly hosting a webinar to discuss this integration in more depth. The webinar is scheduled for April 28, 2022 and registration is available here at for this free session. 

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The Tharstern MIS is a complete workflow management system designed for print professionals who want to make their company run faster, better, and smarter. It’s for those who want to speed up print jobs so they flow swiftly through each department with little intervention, and free up their team so they can provide the exceptional customer experience and fast delivery times that the modern print buyer demands. 

We can help our customers do this because we’ve spent the last 39 years perfecting our MIS solution, continually adding new functionality that will allow them to drive change and make improvements BUT without sacrificing the things that makes their companies so great. We offer advice and guidance on all aspects of automation and integration, and help our customers push their company forward to the next stage in their technological evolution.” 


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