Aleyant Announces the Availability of tFLOW 9

Features completely redesigned user interface and new third-party integrations for increased productivity, profitability

Aleyant recently released tFLOW 9, its affordable yet powerful digital workflow automation and customer service solution for commercial, large format, label, and specialty graphics.

“We’ve listened to user feedback and continued to stay current with the latest software development trends and techniques when it comes to tFLOW and the rest of our software portfolio,” said Darrian Young, Aleyant’s tFLOW Product Manager. “The result is an outstanding Version 9 of tFLOW that we believe will make our users more productive and profitable. Of particular note is the complete redesign of the user interface that will help users get work completed and out the door faster. It includes redesigned page headers, and new job and proof views that enable users to easily and quickly change job status, move jobs to production, move between proof and production files, view various versions and more. We look forward customer feedback as they begin to use the new version.”

Enhancements and Integrations

Version 9 of tFLOW now includes the ability to send customizable welcome emails for new user creation to enable them to easily view and approve jobs within tFLOW. In addition, Version 9:

  • Features tab-managed links that give users smarter access with public and private login links. tFLOW automatically recognizes which users have private and public access and allows them to use tFLOW accordingly.

  • Includes Approval Reminders with a “send reminder” option for users in the job screen to more easily follow up on required job tasks.

  • Has a more flexible API. It’s user-defined SmartPrep variables can be sent directly through an API to other applications with no development needed. In addition to the large number of standard variables included in tFLOW, users can also create their own custom variables.

  • With the tBOT auto file downloader, tFLOW now has the ability to separate cutpaths from artwork and send them to different systems for further processing. tBOT is the tFLOW downloading application that connects to RIPs, cutters and imposition systems.

  • The ability to automatically generate order-level email notifications to reduce back-and-forth emails with customers.

“One element of our development efforts that has always been at the forefront,” Young added, “is ease of integration with third-party applications. In addition to our custom integrations, we have also developed additional new integrations between tFLOW and EFI Pace MIS; Cyrious Software for estimating sign, graphics and print jobs; and the Presswise print management system from SmartSoft. These integrations join those we have already made available with Pressero, Corebridge, Netsuite and CRC Infosys.”

For additional information about tFLOW offerings, please visit or call +1.630.929.0104.