Aleyant AWI™ Pressero™ and eDocBuilder™ Release Updates Now Available

Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI) Available

A new version of AWI ( is now available. You can download here

In addition, new version of eDocBuilder was also released and there is one item you may find of interest:

Limit Image Population to Asset Images Only in Form Based Templates

Previously when you allowed images to be populated by an asset image, your customer could also upload an image from their desktop. We heard from some of our customers that this was causing a problem because they only wanted the end user to select from the asset images that were provided to them. With this change, you now can limit them to only the assets if you choose. You will find this option for image field types in the Data Capture tab. (See image and caption below).

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 11.33.00 AMOptions for Asset image population now include “Allow upload from Assets or desktop” (default option), “Allow upload from desktop only,” or “Allow upload from assets only.”

Pressero also had a new release with several items you will want to know about:

New Payment Provider and Shipping Provider Option

  1. We have added Paypage for subscribers in Belgium.
  2. We have added support for Smartpost and 2 Day Air AM Service for FedEx Integrated services.

Add Shipping and Billing Addresses During the Ordering Process

We continue to try and make it easier for customers to order from you. In the last release, we added an option for the end user (buyer) to add a new address to their address book right from the product page by providing a popup form right on the page they are viewing. We have extended that same behavior to the shopping cart when selecting a shipping address, and also on the checkout page when selecting a billing address. This eliminates the need to go to the Address Book prior to selecting a new address while ordering.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 11.48.04 AM

“Digital Delivery” of Product Files Now Available to Pressero’s OpenFrame Functionality

Pressero’s OpenFrame allows specialized products from a 3rd party software or service vendor (mailing list vendors, PDF book compilers, etc.) to be ordered from within a Pressero storefront. When you turn on the Pressero OpenFrame option for a product, it allows a page from a 3rd party website to be shown inside an iFrame on the product detail page. The 3rd party’s website or webpage will effectively fill up the product page displayed in your store, replacing the pricing engine, descriptions and other standard functionality within the content area of the Pressero product detail page.

In order to support solutions that want to deliver a digital file to the end user after the order is placed, we made some changes to the administrative side of Pressero to expose that option to the OpenFrame. You will see in the product setup within Admin that we have moved three items from the eDocBuilder section to the Checkout options area. We also renamed “Digitally deliver edoc file” to “Digitally deliver file” and renamed “create proof pdf” to “create edoc proof PDF.” See image below for the three prompts now located in the Checkout Options for This Product section.


*Please Note: For all customers using a custom skin in one or more of their Pressero websites, this release did include some items you may want to check out. Select here to go to the KB article with details

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