Aleyant eDocBuilder™ Adds New Features This Week; Default Session Lifetime + Ability to Move Multiple Templates at Once to New Category

Default Session Lifetime

We have updated the eDocBuilder web-to-print variable data printing software with some great new capabilities. Whether using eDocBuilder as an integration in your own printshop e-commerce solution, or as part of the Aleyant Pressero™ W2P software, you can immediately start taking advantage of these new capabilities. See below for specific details on these recent updates.

This new feature allows you to change how long a session related to this particular template is stored before being automatically purged. Completed sessions and incompleted sessions have different number of days. The default amount will be displayed and if you wish to change from that amount for this particular template, simply click “Override default session lifetime”. Then edit the number of days each type of session needs and click Save.

Note: Increasing the amount of time will increase the amount of storage used. This could result in additional fees to your subscription.

To use this feature, go to: Templates > Click pencil icon to edit the template needed > Template Info.

Move Templates to Category

Categories can be assigned to multiple templates at once using the  “Move templates to category” feature. To use this, place a check next to each template that will be going to the same category (or click Select All), then pick a category name from the drop down below. Once both the templates and the category have been selected click “Move”.

To use this feature, go to: Admin tab > Scroll to section “Move templates to category” Check all templates to be moved to the desired category > Select a category name from the drop down below > Click Move.


More Details

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