Aleyant Goes to France

Aleyant has worked hard to make its software localizable. This means that Pressero and eDocBuilder both work in a variety of languages and currencies. As a result we have customers and partners around the world. I know everyone on the Aleyant team has enjoyed the chance to get to know people from a number of different countries as a result of this.

Last month I had the opportunity to join one of our partners, Datafont, for an educational presentation on Pressero and eDocBuilder. A total of four presentations were held in Paris, France over two days. During this time I got to meet some of our current and potential customers in France.

José Nieto of Datafont presents the Pressero Web-to-Print system

José Nieto of Datafont presents the Pressero Web-to-Print system

The Web-to-Print market in France is evolving. While some Business-to-Consumer (B2C) efforts have been successful, it seems that printers are only more recently adopting Business-to-Business (B2B) strategies. A few Pressero customers took the time to walk me through the sites they have created for their business customers. I’m excited that their hard work and foresight are paying off!

And of course, Paris is an absolutely beautiful city. I encourage you to visit it when you can!

–Greg Salzman