Aleyant Joins Dataline Certified Partner Program with Integration Between Pressero Storefronts and MultiPressMIS/ERP Software for Print Businesses

Seamless and sustainable connection results in next level e-business automation for the graphics industry with increased efficiencies to users of both Pressero and MultiPress


March 23, 2021. Wheaton IL. Aleyant, an innovative leader in providing robust software services to the graphic communications industry, today announced it has joined Dataline’s Certified Partner Program with its integration between Aleyant’s Pressero web-to-print solution and Dataline’s MultiPress MIS/ERP solution. This integration results in a seamless and sustainable connection between Pressero and MultiPress that delivers productivity benefits to users of both of these market-leading solutions.

“We are pleased to welcome Aleyant to our Certified Partner Program,” said Dirk Deroo, CEO of Dataline. “Our MultiPress ERP/MIS solution for print production companies is now available in 25 countries and 11 languages; and in recent years has been focusing on integration and links with partner solutions. We have over 50 certified partnerships and more and more partners sign up to integrate with our leading MIS/ERP solution. We understand that no one supplier can address every need, and strong partners help us strengthen our overall value to the customer as they work to build their companies and plan their future business strategies. Aleyant’s Pressero fits very well into this ecosystem and provides an advanced, yet very affordable, web storefront that, combined with MultiPress, will help printing companies grow their businesses and build a loyal customer base.”

With MultiPress, Dataline has built an advanced administrative workflow for graphic arts production companies. By creating standard connections with platforms like Aleyant’s Pressero, Dataline and partner companies can offer significant added value in a secure and standardized way. The result: next-level automation and efficiency optimization allowing the customer to make use of a sustainable solution supported by both companies, now and into the future. In many ways, this offers a solution in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, in a flexible, customizable environment.

This integration offers a wide range of functionality whose value is only limited by the imagination of its users, including:

  • Online orders with instant correct calculations for each order, dynamic pricing via two-way communication between the Pressero storefront and the MultiPress e-calculator.
  • Extensive possibilities to customize online files using Pressero’s built-in template based eDocBuilder module.
  • Mobile-first’ responsive design for ease-of-anywhere access.
  • Automatic loading and downloading of files into the graphics workflow.
  • Comprehensive shipping and delivery controls.
  • Advanced real-time feedback on order status information, and production data and status for easy follow-up and fact-based decision making.

“Aleyant continues to expand its partner base with integrations across a variety of disciplines, including MIS/ERP solutions,” said Trent Foreman, Aleyant’s COO. “We are especially looking forward to expanding our European presence with participation in Dataline’s Certified Partner Program. In fact, a request from a common customer of these two solutions was the driver for formalizing our relationship, and we believe many other customers will benefit as well.”

For details about how to take advantage of this integration opportunity, whether you are a customer or Aleyant, Dataline, or just looking for an efficient end-to-end production solution, join us at one of our upcoming webinars to learn more about how to create instant online storefronts with a more efficient print workflow. These 30-minute webinars will be held on:

Tuesday, March 30th at 16:00 (France) – Register Here! 

Tuesday, March 30th at 17:15  (Spain) – Register Here!

Time will be allotted for a Q&A session at the end of the webinar.  Space is limited, register today!


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About MultiPress

MultiPress Print MIS/ERP software organises the daily management of any graphic production company and is available in 11 languages. All commercial, administrative, financial, production and logistical business processes, together with planning, registration, e-business and reporting come together in one powerful management system. Maximum automation is achieved, but at no time does the user lose control.

About MultiPress Certified Partner

For years, Dataline has built with MultiPress by far the most advanced administrative workflow for graphic production companies. The logical next step was to connect MultiPress with soft- and hardware from other providers. That’s why Dataline created the certification programme. By creating standard connections with platforms of financial and logistics companies, e-business, prepress and material suppliers, these partners and Dataline can improve the added value of the MultiPress installation in a safe and standardized way. Result: next-level automation and efficiency optimisation where the customer can use a sustainable solution supported by both companies, now and in the future.

Today, the Dataline Certified Partner programme contains about 50 certified connections with hardware suppliers (Komori, Canon, Roland, …), software suppliers (Workflower, Kodak, FourPees, …), paper and consumables suppliers (Antalis, IGEPA, VINK BE/NL, Nautasign, …), logistics software companies (Unifaun and Transsmart), e-business suppliers (Prindustry and Pressero) and financial applications (Scansys). And more and more MCT’s are being developed with all kinds of solutions that can be connected to the MultiPress-MIS/ERP in the graphic arts industry.

About Dataline

Dataline, active in all segments of the graphic industry, develops and provides MultiPress MIS software for graphic production companies of all sizes. As a proven market leader in the Benelux they are also gaining popularity in the rest of Europe. This is only logical, as printers need high-quality integration between the management information system and the production workflow in order to comply with complete automation. This efficiency usually translates into clear time savings, higher margins and lower error rates.


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