Aleyant Launches Print Academy for Innovative Approach to Product Training



Microlearning modules make training more accessible and convenient while increasing skills retention


July 7, 2021, 2021. Wheaton IL. Aleyant, an innovative leader in providing robust software services to the graphic communications industry, today reported it has created a brand-new training platform, called Print Academy, that makes training more manageable and accessible. With the new platform, customers can take advantage of a number of learning pathways to gaining increased utilization of their Aleyant software investments.

“Based on our experience, customer feedback and market trends,” said George Mixco, Director of Global Support and Maintenance for Aleyant, “we have reconfigured our training offerings to be available in short modules for a microlearning experience targeted specifically at the individual customer’s needs. Each customer can pursue a learning path that includes only the courses that will get them exactly what they need. And they will be able to immediately apply those skills in a manner that benefits their operation and encourages increased retention.”

Mixco cites the example of a customer who is focused on getting their first site up and running. “They can do that in bite-sized microlearning modules,” he says, “and get the site up and running. Then they can decide their next priority and do the training accordingly. We’ve gotten great feedback from our customers on this approach. And, of course, if someone wants our conventional one-on-one training, it is available to them as well.”

Print Academy gives customers complete access to the Knowledge Base. It also gives customers the freedom to skip the introductory courses and learn the product at an advanced level if they are comfortable with that. Mixco adds, “Like a lot of software companies, our previous training could range from six to twenty hours per course, and that’s a lot of info to process. By taking the microlearning approach, not only can subscribers more easily pursue learning at their own pace and convenience, but content retention tends to be better since they can put their learning to work right away.”

Print Academy also offer quizzes to reinforce learning and certifications upon completion of certain courses. Customers have access to all learning modules as well, even if they have not purchased that particular software solution. “That gives them an opportunity to experience the solution and determine whether or not the investment makes sense for their company,” Mixco says.

Print Academy is now available for access by all new and existing Aleyant customers.

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