Aleyant Pressero™ Adds Palette Management Feature for Responsive Skins

For the responsive skins only, you can store a single custom color palette. This feature allows you to save a color palette, so you can use that palette on other sites or revert to the palette if you decide against changes you’ve made to the custom skin color settings. To store a custom palette, simply click the “Store” button in the “Current Palette” area. You will see that the palette populates in the “Stored Palette” area. If you would like to load this palette into a site, simply click the “Load” button in the “Stored Palette” area. Note – clearing your browser cache will remove the stored palette.

You can also load any of the palette presets for the responsive skins. The default color palettes for each of the responsive skins are available in the “Palette Presets” area.  If you would like to use any of these default color palettes in your site, simply click the “Load” button located below the color palette.


Also, while we are talking about color palettes for responsive skins, you might want to check out our new Color Guide which can be found  here. We are currently working on a guide for the non-responsive skins as well.

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