Aleyant Pressero™ & Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI) Release Updates Available Today


Now Limit Sites to Only Ship to One Address During Checkout

With the release today, you now have a new option for the behavior your customers experience in the checkout process. Previously, all customers were given the opportunity to ship the items in their order to separate addresses. We heard from some of you that you would prefer to limit customers to ship all their items to one address, and so that is now what you may choose to do. This new option is a choice on a site level so you can limit some of your storefronts to one address while retaining the current behavior for others. In addition to this new option, you will see that in the shopping cart, when customers are allowed to ship to multiple addresses, they will now have to select an option to do that. In order to speed up the process of going from your product pages to the shopping cart, we will by default assume they want to send all items to one address. Simply select the option to ship to multiple and the cart will behave as it did previously.

ship to multiple

To see the new setting, go to: Admin > Sites [select site] > Settings > Shopping Cart Section > Allow items to ship to separate addresses. The ability to ship to separate addresses will be active by default so that the cart behavior will not change until you make the decision to make that change. 

ship to in the cart

If you allow your customers to ship their items to multiple addresses, they will now have an option to ship items separately. Until they make this selection, the cart will assume all items are going to one address.

ship to multiple2

If the customer selects the option to ship their items to separate locations, the ship to drop down will move to each individual item as it worked prior to this change.

Zapier Integration Now Available for Pressero – Beta Testers Wanted!

As previously mentioned in our Aleyant eNewsletter, Pressero now has an integration with Zapier. The Zapier connection enables a fast and easy integration with over 750 business solutions such as QuickBooks, Zoho, Xero, SalesForce, Chargify, ShipStation, etc. for a completely customized end-to-end production and business workflow. Visit their website to explore what other apps are available to integrate with Pressero.

Currently the Pressero integration is in a beta phase. If you would like to try this out for yourself, we will need to send you an invitation. Please create a support ticket and ask for us to send out an invite. More information on how to integrate Zapier with Pressero is available here.


A New Version of AWI Now Available

Select here to download the latest installer downloads.