Aleyant Pressero™, eDocBuilder & Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI) Release Updates Available Today


Apply CMYK and/or RGB Color Selectors to Your Template Text and Background Fields

In the past, if you allowed your customer the option to change the color on a text or background field, you could either use our default palette of colors, or create a custom palette of your own. With this enhancement, in addition to a custom color palette you create, you may now also give them the option of selecting from a CMYK or RGB color selector… or use them all!

Here is where to find these new options:

  • Assign CMYK or RGB selectors to text fields in the format tab.
  • Assign CMYK or RGB selectors to Interactive Designer Backgrounds in the Assets area in the Background Files tab.
  • Set Default Values for Interactive Designer templates in the Template Info Tab under Text Field Default Values section.
color choices

Screenshot above shows a text field on an Interactive Designer template. The text field has three color options for the customer to select from; a Custom Color Palette, a RGB selector, and as seen as the example above, a CMYK selector.

Override Pressero DAM with a Custom Asset URL  

The Override Assets URL feature aims to provide a way for eDocBuilder users to specify a URL that will be used for a specific templates assets, other than the one sent by Pressero (or another 3rd party integrated with eDoc). This is great for those times your customers have a database of images they want to retain on their own servers and/or they update on a regular basis.

The feature also provides a way to make the Assets URL searchable by allowing user to specify a template field that can be sent as a Query String value to the provided asset URL.

To see this, log into your eDocBuilder administrative area, select a template and go to the Template Info tab. There you will see two new fields: 1) Always use this Asset URL, and 2) Query this field. Select here for documentation on setting up and using this new feature


Caldera Streamlive Integration with Pressero

Pressero is now integrated with Caldera StreamLive. StreamLive is an easy-to-use SaaS application that allows you to create your ideal production process, track jobs in real time and automate your most time-consuming tasks. The entry-level product includes an impressive range of features. StreamLive is cloud-based and allows users to create customer job sheets, submit files to software workflow, connect with Caldera RIP and automate e-mail reporting. Please contact Caldera for more information at Also, watch for an upcoming news release with more detail!

HP PrintOS Site Flow Integration with Pressero

Pressero is now integrated with HP PrintOS Site Flow. Site Flow addresses the needs of print service providers serving the B2B, B2C and B2B2C markets, that want to effectively fulfill hundreds to thousands of online orders with direct shipment to end consumers. With HP PrintOS Site Flow, you can improve your SLAs, and generate more business, increasing the productivity of your printing organization. For more information on Site Flow, visit Also, watch for an upcoming news release with more detail!

Using MailChimp? Adding a Newsletter Sign Up in Your Storefront is Easy Again!

In the past, subscribers who installed a SSL certificate to their sites found that their MailChimp newsletter signup form no long worked on their site. We recently re-visited the MailChimp site and see that there is now a way to do this again, even on secure sites. Just signup for MailChimp and follow their instructions to embed a newsletter form on your site. For more information, visit our support page for more instructions.

Zapier – Pressero Integration Update

The integration between Zapier and Pressero is going well. We are looking for more Beta testers! For those new to Zapier, this connection enables a fast and easy integration with over 750 business solutions such as QuickBooks, Zoho, Xero, SalesForce, Chargify, ShipStation, etc. for a completely customized end-to-end production and business workflow. Visit their website to explore what other apps are available to integrate with Pressero.

As noted above, the Pressero integration is in a beta phase. If you would like to try this out for yourself, we will need to send you an invitation. Please create a support ticket here and ask for us to send out an invite. More information on how to integrate Zapier with Pressero is available here.

Check Out All the New Data Available in the Pressero Report Writer!

We recently expanded the items available to you and your customer to use in the Report Writer. 14 new items to be exact!

Here’s what is new:

Order Approved By, Order Approved Date, Budget Code, Ordered by Middle Name, Ordered by Cell Phone, Workflow Stage, Order the Order was Reordered From, If Reorder had Changes, Comments or other information about the order from checkout, Additional Instructions for Product, Payment Method Name, Payment Method Type, Transaction ID and Product Physical Location notes.

Two New Shipping Integrations Added to Pressero

  • Envía Ya – shipping method for Subscribers in Mexico. 
  • Redyser – shipping method for Subscribers in Spain.

A New Version of AWI is Available

AWI Installer Downloads (updated 11/6/2017) are now available. It is highly suggested that you keep your version of AWI up to date to avoid any problems and to take advantage of bug fixes and feature updates. Select here to download the latest installer downloads.