Aleyant Pressero™ Release Updates Available Today – Live Palette Editor & More!

PO Numbers Entered in the Storefront Can Now Be Validated Against Numbers Entered into Admin > Purchase Order Codes

Previously when you added PO numbers in admin to be available in your storefront, the customer was presented with a drop down list of all available PO codes. You may now choose to have the entry made by your customer be validated against the codes on file in admin, rather than display the list of available codes. You will find this new option in Sites [Select Site] > Settings > General Info > Checkout section. See image below showing the new prompt.


Above you see the new prompt added for PO codes. Also note that the PO code prompts have been moved so they are in one area.

When an invalid number is entered in the store, your customer will receive a warning message letting them know that the number is invalid so they can try again. If you have the prompt set to be required, but have not entered any PO numbers in the admin area, then any entry will be allowed because there is nothing to validate against. See image below for the error given in the storefront.


When an invalid code is entered your customer will receive an error message letting them know that the number is invalid so they can try again.

List Out Kit Components in the Shopping Cart Product Detail Area

Previously we showed the name of the Kit Product along with how many Kits were purchased but did not list all the components that were ordered in that kit on the shopping cart page. With this change, you will see that we are now listing out the components and the quantity ordered for each of those components in the shopping cart. Before this change, the components were listed on the confirmation page, email confirmation and order history detail area. See example image below.


The image above shows the new detail added to the shopping cart for a Kit product. Your customer will now be able to confirm the various components of the kit that were selected for the product.

Live Palette Editor Available on 7/27/17 to Take the Guess Work Out of Customizing Your Skins – Checkout this New Beta Feature!

Have you ever felt that it was hard to figure out which color palette selection goes with which elements on your live site? If you have, you are not alone… there are so many areas that allow you to change the colors in your skins. The new Palette Editor was designed to take the guesswork out of the process and save you time. It is in beta so we would love for you to give it a test run and let us know what you think!

To test out this new feature go to: Admin > Sites [Select Site] > Skins > Select “Live Palette Editor” button. See images below for a quick tutorial.


To checkout the new Live Palette Editor, select the button above your palette of skin colors. Note: You need to have saved a skin for the site in order to make this selection.


In the Live Palette Editor, start by hovering over a palette selection. The area that will be changed for that specific option will be indicated by a changing color indicator.


Click on the palette item to activate the color picker. There are several color options to select from including the palette of current colors being used in the skin for easy selections. When you are done select the “Save to the live site” button to exit the Live Palette Editor and return to the Customize Skin page.


Confirm or Cancel the selections from the Live Palette Editor to complete the process and save to your live site.

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