Aleyant Pressero™ Release Updates Available Today: New AWI, Additional Logging Details Provided in eDocBuilder, All New File Manager and More!

AWI (Automated Workflow Integrator) Available

A new version of AWI ( was made available for Download on June 30, 2017. You can find the download here.

We added a new filter to AWI, {i} which when used, will create a sequential to the filename for each file generated. The change was to resolve orders that have more than one file, and where a filename pattern has been set in the download rule. Previously this was resulting in the files being overwritten with the same filename as they were being downloaded. To keep this from happening, add the new filename pattern tag {i} to the pattern being specified.

Aleyant eDocBuilder v3.8.4 Released

Additional Logging Details Provided

With this new release, you will see a new tab within the Admin area titled “Logs.” This new log area includes the change history previously found in the Template Info area along with new log detail for graphic files linked to templates from the Image Library.


Pressero v6.3.1 Released

All New File Manager with Enhanced Functionality

The File Manager we added to Pressero v6 has been completely re-designed with additional functionality. To check it out go to: Admin > Tools > File Manager.  Some highlights include:

  • Drag or click to select multiple items.
  • Drag and drop upload.
  • The number of items in a folder is indicated on the folder icon or in list view, it is noted in the number of files column.
  • Select image to rename, download, delete or replace.
  • Enhanced filtering (file name, type, etc.).
  • Sort within list mode by name, size, number of items and modified date.
  • Lower opacity of empty folders.
  • Loading indicator.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 1.01.12 PM.png


Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 1.15.13 PM

New Color Palette Options for Standard Default (non-responsive) Skins Added

3 new options have been added to the skin color palette for the standard skins. You can now customize the Instructions background, border and text. To customize the text that is shown go to the site > settings > Instructions, and select the option for the Login Page.

new palette

You will find the 3 new palette color options at the bottom of the list for customizing the instructions area for standard default skins.


Above you will see the result of the changes made to the color palette.

New Search Filters Added to Various Areas Throughout Admin that Did Not Have Them Previously

Many of the areas throughout Pressero Admin have had search filters but they were not available in all areas that were originally thought to not require them. We’ve had some feedback from a few of you in the user forum that some areas could benefit from them. Because the use of Pressero can vary from subscriber to subscriber, we went ahead and located all areas that did not currently have a search filter and added them. This way if they are ever needed, they are there.


Above you will see just one of the many search filters added throughout admin.

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