Aleyant Pressero™ Release Updates Available Today: New AWI, FTP, Search Capabilities & More

A New Version of the Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI) is Now Available

AWI v2.0.7.5 for Pressero v6 is now available. You can download this new version here.

All New FTP with Added Functionality Available to Your Customers

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a way for customers to send files to you. It is an alternative to the “attach file” option customers can use in a Product’s ordering process or a general file upload link on your website. Each subscription has a different number of FTP accounts available for you to setup and use. In this release, we have updated the functionality and the design available to your customers in your storefront or theirs (See image below). The update includes the ability to now:

  • Drag & drop multiple files
  • Select multiple files at one time from the desktop
  • Rename files
  • View the progress of the upload

To set up FTP accounts for your customers, go to: Admin > Preferences > FTP Accounts. You also need to make sure you add the FTP link in one of your sites navigation menus in order to have it available for your customers to select. If you’d like to read more about setting up FTP accounts, visit the support documentation found here.


Updated Search Capabilities Along with New Design and Options Available in the Storefront

My Addresses, Locations and Users Tab within My Account/Profile

Depending on the “Address Book Mode” and the permissions given to your customers, either one or all of these items may be available in the storefront: “My Addresses,” “Locations,” and “Users.” Up until now, these areas did not include a search option. We’ve heard more and more from our subscribers on how their customers are managing hundreds of addresses and users. In order to make this process easier, we have added some new functionality and changed some of the current functionality. Here are some of those highlights (also see image below):

  • Search text field added when more than one page of records is available.
  • Advanced Search option available by selecting the “Advanced Search” Link. This allows search by the combination of terms entered in the available fields.
  • Paging along with an indicator of how many records to display on a page added.
  • For the “My Address” tab (available on B2C sites and B2B when making Address Books available to the customer):
    • The Primary Address will display in the first position on the page.
    • Each additional record will display in alphabetical order and you can now change the Primary Address by simply selecting the button within each record box.

Order History

The Order History area will also display the New Text Search and Advanced Search options. In addition to this change, we moved the “Show Items in Each Order” link above the grid and renamed it to “Expand All” based on customer feedback. The Expand All option will change the view from showing just order details to showing the order detail along with each item in that order.


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