Aleyant Pressero v5.5.0 W2P Software Released!

An update of Aleyant Pressero™ web-to-print software has been released. Below are some of the new features that are included:

Aleyant News

Stay up to date with news on Aleyant Systems. After logging into your Pressero account, the news page will be showcased once a week.  Read about new web-to-print updates, case studies, and much more!

w2p updates, software news

Admin > Main > News


Cart Redirection Control

Pressero gives you the ability to decide where the customer is redirected after adding a product to the shopping cart.

W2P admin control

Admin > Sites > [Site Name] > Settings > General Info tab in the Shopping Cart section

Redirect Options

  • Shopping Cart: This page will be the default action.
  • Product Detail Page: Redirects back to the product page.
  • Category Page: Redirects to the category that the product belongs to.
  • Site Default Page: Redirects to the default page as defined in site settings.
  • Root Category Page: Redirects back to the /category page.


Custom eDocBuilder Button Text

We have created the option to override the button on a storefront product detail page that is used to customize the Aleyant eDocBuilder™ template. For example, instead of “Customize Order” you could use “Personalize Your Brochure”.


Admin > Site > Products > eDocBuilder


Contact our Support Department if you have questions regarding theses new features! Stay tuned for upcoming posts about additional new features!