Aleyant Pressero W2P Software v5.4.5 Released!

You rely on Aleyant to make online ordering easy and convenient for your customers. This gives you a competitive advantage to sell more printing. Of course, people are increasingly using their smartphones to buy things online, so why not print?

New W2P Software Feature: Responsive Skins for Mobile Devices

Ordering printing from a mobile device is coming of age. Of course your Aleyant eDocBuilderTM interactive design online templates have been mobile-friendly for years. Because your Pressero storefront business is built on enabling ordering anytime, anywhere, a mobile version will soon become essential for some of your customers.

With that in mind, Aleyant is keeping you on the leading edge with four new, mobile-friendly “responsive design” skins. These beautiful skins were recently added to your growing Pressero website library and are available for immediate use! Best of all, they are free.

These designs automatically adapt the store layout to your customer’s viewing device and can eliminate your customers dealing with tedious pinching and zooming.

Mobile friendly version of web to print software

Bonus! Rotating Banners

These new designs also support something many have asked for more, more, and more of: rotating banners. Check out a sample of one of the new responsive designs here:

Wait, There’s More

The new responsive designs also enable your customers to choose how they want the products and categories to display on the home page. The default is rows & columns, but can be changed to a list view instead. There is also a “Featured Products” ribbon your customer can use to scroll through highlighted products.

Ready to Apply a Mobile Friendly Skin to your Web-to-Print Storefront?

You can view the new Responsive Skins web-to-print feature in the Pressero Admin under Site > Skins > Select Skin Tab.

  • These new skins are are free

  • Included with all plans

  • They are self-optimizing for use with a wide range of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops

  • All support 5 rotating banners

  • Your customers can choose to display the home page products and categories with either rows and columns, or as a list

  • Home page “Featured Products” ribbon

Of course you still have all the same great controls for customizing the navigation menu content, the color scheme, the branding, domain name, the site text, product descriptions, the images, individual page URL’s, SEO, and more.

Thanks to all the Aleyant clients who suggested this new “mobile-to-print” feature! Stay tuned for upcoming posts about additional new features! Click here for more information about our web-to-print software.