Aleyant tFLOW 7 Has Arrived

tFLOW continues to bring more power and faster turnarounds to customer service and print production with SmartPrep, the latest addition to the tFLOW platform.  With SmartPrep, you can not only check files, but also customize them for different production requirements from within the tFLOW interface.  In addition, with our new feature, SmartSpec, specifications such as the amount of bleed, spot color treatment, size adjustments, etc. can be sent from Management Information Systems (MIS) and Web-to-Print storefronts to configure tFLOW automatically. With version 7, tFLOW has brought productivity to a new level.

Connectivity with Aleyant Pressero™, our flagship Web-to-Print system, has also been enhanced, with tighter integration than ever before.  Not only is order and customer information exchanged, but also product specifications, output queues, and status updates are automatically passed back and forth between the two systems. The User Load widget has been added to the dashboard to give greater insight into how resources are being employed at your company, allowing you to make informed decisions in customer service and prepress.

For Cloud users, be on the lookout for tFLOW to be updated during this week.  Self-hosted users, please make arrangements with our DevOps team to have your tFLOW Server updated.  For an overview video of the new features, please click here.

Still not sure what tFLOW is all about and how it can help your business? Request a demo here.

Print operations can be enhanced by using Aleyant tFLOW, a powerful digital and large format automation workflow solution that is already integrated into the Aleyant ecosystem. tFLOW simplifies and automates difficult file management tasks and processes to increase efficiency and production throughput. tFLOW can auto-receive files via your Pressero™ Web-to-Print solution. Imagine having jobs automatically checked and fixed as they arrive instead of letting them pile up in your inbox. Automatically send proof files to your clients for approval. Auto-send print-ready production files to specific departments, or 3rd party imposition, RIPs, or cutters. Use tFlow’s built-in collaboration, chat, and review feature with customers and your team to eliminate email chains, text messages and calls. Avoid delays, missed deadlines and costly mistakes.