Aleyant tFLOW 9.7 Adds Email Replies/Approval, Improved Inventory Sheet & More

Email Replies and Approval

tFLOW’s new “Reply” capability allows users to reply to messages as well as Approve and Reject jobs directly from their email applications.

Replies: At the top of status and messaging alerts, there is a small text area that says ===WRITE YOUR REPLY ABOVE THIS LINE===. Any text written above this line and sent will be added to the message window as an individual comment or part of the ongoing conversation, while tFLOW will also attempt to eliminate additional information such as disclaimers.

Approve/Reject: In addition to replying to email alerts, users can now also approve and reject jobs directly from their email. This is especially helpful in cases where access to tFLOW is restricted due to firewall and security policies. When the feature is enabled in system settings, job approval alerts will include Accept and Reject buttons as part of the email. When the user clicks either, and sends the automatically generated email reply, the job will be approved or rejected in tFLOW accordingly.

Floating Messaging Window

The next releases will see several enhancements to tFLOW’s communication capabilities, the first of which is included in this release. The messaging window is now free floating, and can be accessed, moved, and resized at will.


Improved Inventory Sheet

Users can now configure the number of jobs per page when generating Order inventory sheets. System settings can be configured to default to a specific value, or to automatically determine the number to fit as many jobs as possible (up to 9).



New Documentation

tFLOW documentation has been updated and structured in a way that allows new users to follow along in the same way they work in the application, as well as for seasoned users to quickly find and brush up on specific areas. In addition to availability on the Aleyant support site, access to the documentation is also available from within tFLOW itself using the “Documentation “ button.


Stay tuned for even more productivity-enhancing features coming soon!

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Therese McGady

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