Aleyant tFLOW™ Version 10 Adds Unified Messaging, Automated Archiving & More

As we’ve been focusing our latest releases on providing the best possible user experience, you may have noticed some important changes in tFLOW over the last couple of months. While you can visit the tFLOW History page for a full list, below is a short summary of the most recent highlights from version 10.

Check out the video below for a quick overview of tFLOW version 10!

Unified Messaging
Version 10 offers a centralized messaging center where users can read and post comments on any job or order, all from the same window. Teams can now communicate effectively without needing to go to each job or order to review and post messages. Users can filter messages by time, user, read/unread state, company, and more.

Personal Upload Link
Every user is given a personal upload link during account creation. This link can be used to upload artwork to tFLOW for cases where file submission happens before order and job creation in the MIS or ERP. The upload area has configurable fields, allowing for customization of the options that the upload user has available.

Redesigned Global History
Improved readability and design as well as enhanced information for email and production queues.

Production Queue Information
Production queue information is now shown in the user interface, allowing users to see to which queues production files have been sent. The information is accessible at the job level and in the Global History.

Email Log
Users can now view the email log for any event that has triggered an email notification. The email log is available in Activity/History, and in each user’s profile.

tFLOW now runs on Linux, allowing for dynamic scalability on virtual machines. Sites can be customized to use more or less resources as needed.

Automated Archiving
tFLOW now moves all unused files to the archival drives in the background, so users will no longer need to worry about filling up working disk space in high volume environments.

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