Aleyant tFLOW Version 8 Has Arrived

tFLOW version 8 is packed with some great new features that will supercharge your print shop’s efficiency, helping you get jobs completed and out the door quicker. See below for more details and an overview video on these new features.

New UI – Updated Order and Jobs screens with common modern interface and option menus.



Contextual Sidebar – Quick and easy access to all main functions and information via readily accessible panel.



Improved Messaging – Combined messaging brings all Order and Job comments to the same window.


Configurable Email Body
– Content of email can be adjusted to display/hide information.


3rd Party Plugin Improvements –  Updates to MIS and W2P integrations allow for more flexibility and functionality.

View this video for more detail on these new features.

Want to know more about how to get started with tFLOW ASAP? Contact us here today for demo!