Aleyant tFLOW Version 9 Has Arrived

tFLOW version 9 is packed with some great new features that will supercharge your print shop’s efficiency, helping you get jobs completed and out the door quicker. See below for more details on these new features.



New UI – Our redesigned page headers make tFLOW easier to use. In addition, the new job and proof views enable users to easily and quickly change job status, move jobs to production, move between proof and production files, view various versions and more!

New UI.002


Welcome eMail – We’ve added the capabilitiy to send customizable welcome emails for new user creation to enable users to easily view and approve jobs within tFLOW.

Welcome email.002


Tab-Managed Links – tFLOW now enables users to have smarter access with public (no log in required) and private login links. tFLOW can automatically recognize which users have private and public access and allow them to use the tFLOW accordingly.

Browser tabs.002


Approval Reminders – You asked and we delivered. tFLOW now has a “Send Reminder” option for users in the job screen, which allows users to follow up easily on needed job tasks.

Send Reminder.002


More Flexible API – tFLOW’s user-defined SmartPrep variables can be sent directly through API with no development needed. tFLOW already has a comprehensive list of readily available variables for you to use, but the good news is that if there is something you need but can’t find, you can create your own!

Flexible API.002


Coming Soon! Order-level email notifications will be available soon, which will greatly reduce back and forth emails with customers.

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