Align and Distribute, Preview PDF Option, Contact Blocks for Interactive Templates and so much More in Today’s Aleyant eDocBuilder™ Release!

Drag, Drop, and Align Fields for eDocBuilder Interactive Designer Templates!

A few weeks ago in eDocBuilder, we released an update for Form templates only that allowed you to align, distribute, and use drag-n-drop in the Field Designer. Now, you can do these things with Interactive Designer templates as well!

Drag and Drop Fields

If you are creating a new Interactive Designer template, or editing an existing one, you can click on the Form tab within the Field Designer, and drag the fields into whatever order you need.

The order you put them into on the Form tab is the order the customer will see them in when they enter their data into your template.  See the example below for a demonstration!

eDocBuilder Interactive Designer Templates Drag and Drop Fields Animation


Distribute and Align Fields

In addition to drag-and-drop, you can also distribute and align multiple fields in the Field Designer!

To select multiple fields, on Windows, first hold down CTRL and click on all fields you want to select. On Macs, hold down Command and click on your fields.

Once you’ve selected your fields, use the Layout menu that appears on the right to align or distribute them. This new option should make it even easier to create templates from scratch!

eDocBuilder Interactive Designer Template Align Distribute Animation

If you need to reverse your changes, use CTRL + Z (Windows) or Command + Z (Macs), or use the Undo button in the menu on the upper left.

Distributing and Aligning Fields as a Customer

End Users can also use Distribute and Align when customizing an Interactive Designer template. You can preview this yourself by clicking on the magnifying glass icon for an Interactive Designer template, or by clicking Test Template if you’re already editing it in the Field Designer.

To select multiple fields on Windows, hold down CTRL and click on all fields you want to select. On Macs, hold down Command and click on your fields.

Then use the drop-down menu from the top to align or distribute your selected fields, as in the animation below.

eDocBuilder Interactive Designer Align and Distribute Client Side Animation

You can use the Undo button in the top menu to undo the align or distribute changes if you need to.

Entry Blocks Added for Interactive Designer Templates!

We’ve also given you the ability to create Entry Blocks in Interactive Designer templates.  Previously only available in Form Templates, this feature allows you to group related fields together and provide a Title and Description to that grouping.

To create Entry Blocks, edit an Interactive Designer template, go to the Field Designer page, and in the far left panel, click on the Form tab.

Once there, click on the checkbox in the center of each field you want to add to an Entry Block so they turn blue, then click on the + Entry Block button at the top.

See the below animation for a quick demonstration!

eDocBuilder Interactive Designer Template Entry Block Animation

To remove an Entry Block that you don’t want or that you created in error, click on the red icon in the upper right corner of it.

This will only remove the Entry Block grouping–the actual fields will still remain, and won’t be deleted.

Resizing Text Input Fields for Form Templates

We’ve made a little adjustment when it comes to adjusting the size of text input fields set as the text box type.

Previously, the size of the input field was determined by dragging the edge of it, or when in an Entry Block, by the specific character limit you set, but we’ve added options to size it in percentage.  See the animation below for a demonstration!

eDocBuilder Input Field Size Adjustment Animation


To try it out yourself, edit a Form template in the Field Designer.  Then click on the Form tab in the far left pane.  When a field is not grouped in an Entry Block, you’ll be able to select a size in percent from the drop-down list for width.

However, if you add a text box to an Entry Block, then you’ll also have the option to size the field by Character Limit, with a minimum size of 25%. (So if you set the Character Limit to 2, the input field will shrink so it’s 25%.)

This applies to Text fields of the Text Box type only.  Text fields that are set as Text Areas can only be resized by percent, and do not have the option to resize by character limit, even if they are grouped within an Entry Block.

New “Preview PDF” Proof Option Added

Previously, you could configure eDocBuilder to allow the customer to download a “Proof PDF” after they filled out a template.

However, the Proof PDF an end customer saw always had the bleed area included in it, resulting in a PDF that “looks” a bit larger than a customer unfamiliar with bleed spacing might expect.

This would sometimes confuse customers who didn’t have a printing or graphics arts background, and would generate unnecessary back-and-forth if they questioned it, and had to have it explained.

To battle this, we’ve added a new option. Now you can configure eDocBuilder to allow a “Preview PDF” download option that crops out the bleed space, so the PDF the customer sees is what they expect. You still get the PDFs you need as a printer, while your customers get customer-friendly versions.

You can set the Preview PDF option on the Template Info page for your template.  Look under Standard Options (Form templates) or Interactive Options (Interactive Designer templates) for the “Allow downloading Proof PDF” option, and the “Allow downloading Preview PDF (crop to bleed setting)” option.

eDocBuilder Preview PDF Option

On the same Template Info page, there’s also a Template Preview area where you can set the bleed. This setting is what the Preview PDF will use when it determines how to crop.

Make sure you set the bleed setting if you enable the Preview PDF option!

eDoc Template Bleed Settings

Once you enable your Proof or Preview PDFs, you can preview how they’ll look for the customer by testing the template from the Field Designer.

Below is an example of the Download Preview button as a customer will see it for a Form template.

eDocBuilder Preview PDF Button

Using an Interactive Designer template, it will instead look like this for the customer:

eDocBuilder Preview PDF for Interactive Templates


Using Variable Data Fields? Now Customers Can Preview More Records!

If you’ve created an eDocBuilder template utilizing Variable Data Fields, you might have noticed you were only able to preview the first five records of data when testing a template. Using the drop-down, customers can now preview the first 100 rows instead, so they can verify that their data looks as they expect when they upload it into a template.

New Option for Cut & Stack Imposition Schemes

When assigning an imposition scheme to your templates you may have found that eDocBuilder has broken your production file into “batches” due to the size of the file and the number of records. This isn’t typically a problem unless you are using the Cut & Stack method which doesn’t allow you to cut all the batches together. With this release, the form for setting up an Imposition now has an additional checkbox “Cut/Stack through batches”, visible only when Cut/Stack is selected. When this is checked, the imposition will generate batches so that when placed on top of each other they can be cut and stacked as a unit. The “View imposition preview” button will now download a ZIP of four small PDFs when “Cut/Stack” is selected as well. Find this in Creator > Imposition > Imposition Schemes > Method = Cut & Stack.

UI Tweaks

  • We’ve tweaked some of the background colors and table elements for both the Form and Field tabs in the Field Designer.
  • A tooltip has been added to the delete button in the customer-facing Interactive Designer template client, so it’s more clear that the delete button is for individual fields within the template, not the entire template itself.  See image below.

eDocBuilder Interactive Designer Client Delete Button Hover Text

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