All New eDocBuilder Field Designer – Creating templates just got faster and easier!

With today’s release, we are introducing our new Aleyant eDocBuilder™ Field Designer. This free upgrade is a big time saver, it enables you see the template being created in real time — avoiding all that back and forth of having to set parameters, save, commit and click the testing tab to see what you did.

Instead,  you can make fields on the fly, move them, resize them all inside eDocBuilder’s admin area. Also, moving from one control area (Field Type, Data Capture, Properties, etc.) to another will be faster than the previous method of moving from tab to tab. Bonus, you can interactively create new templates (and edit existing templates!) without needing Adobe Acrobat or InDesign. Simple and easy, no extra software required.

The Field Designer is currently in Tech Preview Mode and further development is ongoing. Of course, regular updates is true of all Aleyant software including Pressero web to print ecommerce , PrintJobManager print MIS/ERP and tFLOW automated prepress, proofing, and approval.

With each update to the new eDocBuilder Field Designer we will be providing more capabilities and enhancements. But no need to wait, it already offers many features you can begin using now:

  • Create a new, blank template from scratch.
  • Add or remove existing template fields .
  • Move the position of your fields.
  • Set most of the user entry parameters for text and image fields.

You can start exploring (and using) the new Field Designer today. Don’t worry, options still under development are grayed out. For more detail, visit our support portal for a full update on what you can do with this new feature!

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