Case Study: PrintStore

PrintStore was founded in 1993 and has offered web-to-print services since 2003 using a home-grown Flash-based system. The company primarily serves various industries, production lines, training teams, dealers, franchises and internal team operations throughout Brazil. Its primary printing technology is HP Indigo for high quality on-demand digital printing of business cards, stationery, folders, catalogs, brochures, manuals and other printed materials used by its clients in the normal course of business. In addition to this B2B offering, PrintStore has a B2C offering, EuImprimo (in English, I Print), offering a wide variety of template-based forms, business cards and stationery.

According to Eduardo Pelizzon, the company’s Online Business Manager, “We had outgrown the capabilities of our home-grown web-to-print solution and needed a more modern and robust solution. This was important for our B2B business, but also would give us a platform from which to re-launch our B2C business as well. We had a goal of achieving significant growth in our online business that could not be reached with the solution we had in place.”

Pelizzon explains that there was a significant amount of manual labor involved in their home-grown web-to-print system, especially processing variable data orders such as business cards. “We had to re-enter data into our graphic design software once the order was received,” he says, “and early on that wasn’t so much of a challenge. But as our business grew, this became an unacceptable way to do business and certainly could not support the future growth we were aiming for.”

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