Digital Asset Management Integration Now Available in eDocBuilder

eDocBuilder integrators now have the option to integrate with an external digital asset management (DAM) system in eDocBuilder by passing in a JSON structure. This option is coming soon to Pressero but is not yet available there.

Both forms-based (standard) and Interactive Designer interfaces have been modified to support an optional external JSON structure containing URLs to an external image asset library from a third-party DAM system. For simplicity, images can be organized by category, making it easy for your users to navigate a large image library and to find the desired image. This allows you to give your clients the ability to select from a large quantity of pre-selected images without having to upload the images to each template.

To Configure DAM Integration for Your Templates

An external JSON file needs to be created and hosted elsewhere. The JSON must contain information about the asset files (required) and catgeories (optional) that are present in the image library.

In the Data Capture tab for the image field where you want to allow this, check the “Allow upload from asset” box. If you utilize category structure in your JSON file, you can also specify an initial asset category for the field; this category will be displayed when the customer first edits the field.

Still in the Data Capture tab, select either “Advanced Image Upload” or “Standard Image Upload” from the User Control Type dropdown menu.

Digital Asset Management integration for web-to-print

The Data Capture tab of a field that uses DAM integration.
Note the “Allow upload from asset” checkbox at the bottom of this tab.

Your Clients’ Experience

In a forms-based template, a button will display next to the field to indicate that the user may select an asset. Clicking the button will display a window showing the available assets. The user can search the assets based on the asset name, asset description, and category name defined in your JSON file. Categories and assets are displayed in the same order as provided in the JSON structure. Once the user finds the image they want, they can simply click it. Advanced Image Upload fields allow the user to crop the asset image. If the field is a Standard Image Upload field, the image will be placed into the template as-is.

In an Interactive Designer template, if the field is an image upload field and the assets JSON is available, the images and search function will appear in the Assets window of the image selection window.

Digital asset management integration for web-to-print with eDocBuilder

An example of what a user would see in the Assets tab of the image selection window

To see an example of integration with digital asset management, click “Try It!” next to the Interactive Assets template on the eDocBuilder demo page.

This capability is coming soon to Pressero users, so stay subscribed to the Aleyant blog and Twitter feed to learn when it’s available.