Dreaming about Drupa

Anyone else in the midst of a drupa hangover now that its over? And not just from a few Altbiers too many. Or the plates of schweinshaxe, bratwurst and sauerkraut, schnitzel and apple streusel that you couldn’t help but indulged in. What I’m talking about is the sheer excitement and energy you could feel as you walked around the industry’s largest trade fair for print and cross-media solutions in Dusseldorf, Germany.
Overall, the clear themes at this year’s show seemed to be automation, growth in the packaging segment, the Cloud and Industry 4.0. It’s all about how to deal with shorter print runs, faster turnarounds and tighter margins. All without adding costs. And while making sure your software and presses and finishing equipment are all aligned to meet today’s demands.
So. Much. To. See. Where do I begin??
Did you #getdoobed while at Drupa? At the Doob exhibit, you could get a 3D printed replica of yourself.
“Unleashing the Power of Paper” was Highcon’s theme this year. The company revealed an entire world of applications that can be achieved by its digital finishing customers such as folders and packages to paper fashion, large format display items, including 3D models made of paper. Wine racks, benches and some just plain cool sculptures were created from these 3D models of paper. Visitors were able to see some amazing results made possible with Highcon’s technology even before reaching the company’s booth, in the North entrance and in the drupa cube. These spectacular displays, designed by Wanda Barcelona, were produced by Highcon customer Maison Lack by DLW on their Highcon Euclid digital cutting and machine using Arjowiggins Maine M1 paper.
At Koehler, their show floor was actually made of their fine paper. Really a nice touch. Almost too pretty to walk on.
The buzz at this year’s show definitely seemed to be Landa land in Hall 9. Their exhibit was action and nano-packed while featuring three new presses and a theatre where Benny Landa made FIVE presentations a day. It was all about Nanography here. Nanography® is based on nanotechnology – the science of ultra-small particles. Particles that are measured in nanometers – billionths of a meter! Nano sized pigments have extraordinary qualities: they become amazingly powerful colorants, enabling an entirely new kind of digital printing.
Aleyant’s stand this year was within the DIP, or drupa innovation park. It’s the space where software companies showcase their innovations. It’s also a target zone for visitors from the marketing and print buying communities, who might not be as interested in the heavy metal side of the industry.

Our team showcased our web-to-print ecommerce solutions, Aleyant Pressero™ and eDocBuilder™, as well as our latest product, Aleyant PrintJobManager™. PrintJobManager is a cloud-based print job management solution that includes a fast means of generating market-driven pricing, job management, inventory control, planning and estimating across a variety of production technologies and applications.
Aleyant also had a dedicated workstation in the workflow area of HP’s exhibit at Hall 17. Which by the way, rumor has it that about 10,000 attendess a day walk through this hall! Aleyant is proud to have been selected as an early partner in the revolutionary HP PrintOS cloud-based ecosystem, an open, secure and integrated platform for print production management designed for use with HP Indigo, PageWide Web Press, Scitex and Latex digital printing technology, as well as connectivity with third-party output devices.
HP Workflow Solutions Area at Drupa

HP Workflow Solutions Area at Drupa

And if you didn’t catch us in one of those two spots, we were also featured in Fujifilm’s exhibit as part of the newly announced XMF Ensemble. Under the XMF Ensemble brand, Fujifilm will be promoting both Fujifilm-developed workflow solutions as well as selected partner solutions, including Aleyant’s Pressero™ Web2Print and eDocBuilder™ variable data offerings. Aleyant Pressero replaced a legacy web-to-print solution for Fujifilm customers, with job data expected by XMF being automatically extracted from Pressero, enabling automated production and job submission, including selection of the appropriate imposition template.
Pressero was Featured within Fujifilm's XMF Ensemble Area at Drupa

Pressero was Featured within Fujifilm’s XMF Ensemble Area at Drupa

After seeing all of this and more, one thing is certain. Print is big, print is green and print is here to stay. Auf Wiedersehen, Drupa. See you in 2020.