Web to Print Design Software: Image Handling

Aleyant eDocBuilder™ supports a wide variety of image types within online design templates.  Supported formats include .jpg, .png, .pdf, and tiff.  In addition, eDocBuilder template software provides strong support for .eps, .ps, and .psd. Templates can utilize images in a variety of different ways:

web to print design software image scale crop stretch

Standard Image Uploads

When configuring your design templates, you may designate an image field as requiring your customer to upload a file.  You may set the templates image field to automatically crop, shrink, or stretch the image to fit an area defined on your template.

Advanced Image Uploads

Sometimes the image a customer is uploading to their templates will not fit well into the area you have defined in the template design.  The advanced image uploader provides a cropping tool in the web browser that allows your customer to select which portion of the image will be used in the template.  The cropping tool will automatically restrict your customer to the aspect ratio defined in the template... so you can be sure the image will fit exactly.

web to print design template image cropping

ability to pick images from a library

Image Pickers

Your design templates can provide a selection of stock images for an area, rather than having the user upload an image. The eDocBuilder web to print online design tool supports this capability with image pickers. An image picker is a drop-down menu of images you have pre-loaded for the template. Using the image picker, your customer will see a thumnail of all available images and can choose one to insert into the template.

Variable Images

If the web to print template will be merged with a database file (such as an excel file), eDocBuilder supports the selection of images based on data in the database file. So the resulting merged file can show different images in the template's online proof for each record.