Web to Print Design Template: Sequenced Numbers

Aleyant eDocBuilder™ form-based design templates enable you to add numeric sequencing to your templates. This allows an incremented number to be added to the template, and repeating the template as many times as is needed. The design template shows the user a proof of the first 5 instances of the sequence. For example, a raffle ticket may require a unique number on each ticket.

  • Starting Number, Increment, Iterations, Formatting: eDocBuilder allows you (or your customer) to define a starting number, number to increment by, number of iterations needed, and how the number should be formatted.
  • Multiple Sets: You may have multiple sets of sequences per template, each with its own set of properties.
  • Sequenced Barcode: In addition, you may choose to display the sequence as a barcode, or even have the sequenced number refer to an image you have associated with the template.


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