eDocBuilder 3.0.3 Released!

We recently released the latest version of eDocBuilder. This update incorporated some useful new features into our online template design solution. These are some of the enhancements we think you’ll be most excited about:

Improved Control Over Text Styling Options in Interactive Designer Templates

Interactive Designer has long allowed you to control whether or not your customers could stylize the text in a field. This newest release breaks up the “stylize text” options into many separate rules, allowing more customized control over what the user is allowed to do in Interactive Designer templates. For instance, if you would like your user to be able to change the text alignment but not make the text bold, you can now set that level of permissions. The new rules are:

  • Can set text to bold: Allows the user to make the text of a field bold.
  • Can set text to italic: Allows the user to italicize the text of a field
  • Can set text to underline: Allows the user to underline the text of a field
  • Can change text alignment: Allows the user to set the field’s horizontal and vertical text alignment
  • Can change text direction: Allows the user to set the field’s text direction to horizontal, horizontal (left to right), or vertical
  • Can change text leading: Allows the user to control the line spacing inside a text field
  • Can change text tracking: Allows the user to control the character spacing inside a text field
  • Can insert symbols from drop-down: Allows the user to insert pre-defined symbols from an Insert drop-down menu. The available symbols are: ¢ £ ¥ · © ® ™ ¼ ½ ¾

There are two locations where these permissions can be set:

  • For fields you have defined in the template, go to a field’s Rules tab and select the text styling options you would like available to your users for this field. Don’t forget to both save the field and commit changes when you are finished.
  • If you allow users to add new text fields to the template, set these options for user-added fields in the Template Info area. Click “Save Changes” when you are done.
text styling options for online design templates

A sample Rules tab for a text field in an Interactive Designer template – Note that some text styling options are allowed, while others are not.

text formatting options in interactive online printing templates

This is how the text styling options set in the sample Rules tab above would appear to the user during customization.

File Names of Uploaded Images Visible in “My Images” Tab

To assist end users during customization of Interactive Designer templates, we’ve made a change that will display image names underneath customer-uploaded images in the My Images tab that displays when personalizing an image field. This will help your clients find the images they want to use, even if several images are visually similar.

images in online template customization

This sample user has uploaded five images during the template customization process. The five images appear in the My Images tab as they continue to personalize the document. Note that the file names are now visible beneath the images.

Additional Force Fit Control

Force Fit Text is an option available in each text field’s Format tab. If checked, when the user enters too much text to fit in the field at the specified font size, it will decrease the font size used in the field until the text fits. Many clients have asked for more precise control of how this option works, and we’re happy to announce that this is now possible.

The new setting “Max lines” can be found in the Format tab directly under the Force Fit Text checkbox. This controls how many lines are allowed. If the user uses line breaks to produce more lines than the “Max lines” number you have set, their text will be truncated. Also, if reducing the text size is necessary, the end result will not have more lines in it than the “Max lines” you have set. Note that this may result in a smaller font size than would be necessary if more lines were allowed.

In addition, for Interactive Designer templates, the Force Fit Text option now respects the Minimum Font Size setting in the field’s Rules tab. This means that whenever force fit goes into effect, it will not reduce the font size below the Minimum Font Size setting.

Right-to-Left Text Direction Available

eDocBuilder now supports right to left text in both forms-based and Interactive Designer templates. Text fields set with text direction “Horizontal (right to left)” in the Format tab, will properly accept scripts — like Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, and Urdu — that need right to left support. Ordinary left to right scripts can still be typed in fields with this setting and will not appear incorrectly. However, right to left scripts will only work correctly when used in a field with this text setting. For Interactive Designer templates, you can allow or disallow the user to change the text direction in the field’s Rules tab.

font formatting for online design templates

The Format tab of a font field in eDocBuilder – In this example, Force Fit Text is enabled, and the text will not be put on more than 4 lines. The Text Direction drop-down menu is also available in this tab.