eDocBuilder 3.0.4 and 3.0.5 Released!

Over the past month, our developers have released two eDocBuilder updates that have added some useful new features to our variable data and online template design solution. These are some of the enhancements we think will be most helpful as you create and edit templates:

Ability to Set Default Preview Size/Zoom Level

One of the more popular feature requests has been the ability to select the default size at which an eDocBuilder preview will display to the end user during customization. We’re pleased to announce that this has been implemented. You can set the default preview size (or zoom level, for Interactive Designer templates) in each template’s Template Info area. After selecting either “Use with standard Forms client” or “Use with Interactive Designer” under Set Template Type, the first option will be either Initial Preview Size (standard templates) or Initial Zoom (Interactive Designer templates). Select the size/zoom at which you would like your template to display. Remember to scroll down and click “Save Changes” when you are finished.

Initial preview size options for an online design template

In a standard template, you can now select between Small, Standard, Large, and X-Large for the size of the initial preview your client will see when opening a template for customization.

Initial preview size options for an interactive online design template

In an Interactive Designer template, you can select between Fit all, Fit Height, Fit Width, and a large range of percentages for the initial zoom level your client sees when opening a template for customization.

Font Library and Image Library Now in Separate Tabs

The Library tab used to host both centralized fonts and images. To boost loading speed, we’ve separated this into two separate tabs accessible in your eDocBuilder account: Font Library and Image Library.

Image and Font Library setup areas for the eDocBuilder online design template software

The new Font Library and Image Library tabs separate the contents of the old Library tab for faster load times.

Ability to Choose Which Base Fonts a Template Uses

eDocBuilder contains several base fonts that do not need to be uploaded to your account for use in templates: Times (regular, bold, italic, and bold-italic), Helvetica (regular, bold, oblique, and bold-oblique), Courier (regular, bold, italic, and bold-italic), Symbol, and Wingdings. In the past, these fonts were available to your users in any field where you allowed them to choose a font. With this recent update, you now have the ability to disable these base fonts on an account-wide or per-template basis. There are two areas where you can disable these fonts:
In your account’s Font Library tab – To make a font unavailable in all of your templates, deselect it in the Base Fonts section of the Font Library tab and click “Save font options.”

Base font options for all templates in the eDocBuilder online template design software

Deselect fonts in the Base Fonts area of the Font Library tab to disable them in all templates.

In a template’s Assets area – To change the availability of a base font in a specific template, expand the Fonts section of the template’s Assets area. Select or deselect the specific font in the Base Fonts list, and click “Save font options” when you are done.

Font management area for a specific template in the eDocBuilder online template design solution

The Fonts section of each template’s Assets area enables you to manage which uploaded, library, and base fonts are available for use in the specific template.