eDocBuilder 3.1.6 Released!

We rolled out a new version of Aleyant eDocBuilder™, our online design and variable data publishing system. One particular feature is included in the release that we think you’ll be most excited about.

Auto Population of Uploaded Images

With this option, your clients can customize templates with a large number of image fields, such as photo albums, in no time.  Below are the steps on how to utilize this feature.

The template has to have Allow Auto Populate checked in the creator template.

Interactive Designer Tool

Within an interactive design template go to Add New Image (or Replace Image on an existing field) and upload multiple (at least four) images. A bar on top will appear asking if you would like to Enable Auto Populate. After selecting that option you can select multiple images instead of just one. Under Options (gear icon), you also are faced with three check boxes.

Online Design and Variable Data

Fill Frame:  This will crop the image to fill entire frame.

Add Remaining Images:  When this option is selected, if you have chosen more images than there are image fields available, then Interactive Designer will automatically add new image fields for the remaining images so they can be populated into the template as well.

Random: This shuffles the order of the uploaded photos and inserts them into the image fields in a random pattern.

Click Auto Populate. Images will then begin to fill in all the image fields in the template!

Our developers are always hard at work bringing great new features to both eDocBuilder and the Aleyant Pressero™ web-to-print solution. Make sure to stay tuned to our blog and hear about all the latest features as they are released!