eDocBuilder Custom Palettes

We recently added the ability in eDocBuilder to create multiple custom palettes that you can selectively utilize throughout your templates.  Palettes can be made up of cmyk, rgb, gray scale, and spot colors.  Each text field within a template can be assigned to any one of the palettes you define.

There are a two reasons why you might want to create a custom palette.  The first is to limit the colors a user is able to select to ink colors available in your particular printing process.  The second is to provide users with a predefined list of colors to insure consistent design results.  This may be due to corporate design guidelines or the desire to use aesthetically pleasing color combinations throughout the document.

Let’s walk through the process of creating a simple palette for a custom stamp:

  1. Login to eDocBuilder and go to the Color Palettes tab
  2. Click “Add First Palette” and give it a name.
  3. Now click “Add Color” and give it name.  Since we are creating stamps, we want to use spot colors.  So click the Spot Colors tab and fill out the spot name and cmyk color.  After that you may click the Preview button to see the color.  Be sure to click Save when finished defining this color.  Note that your palette can have a mixture of cmyk, spot, rgb, and grayscale colors.
  4. After you have defined your colors, click the “Add Palette” button below your color entries to save the palette in eDocBuilder.
  5. Now you are ready to use the palette in a template.  When defining a template, there are two places to set palettes.  The first is on the text field level.  For each field you can optionally specify which palette to use.  This is in the format tab.  For interactive designer templates that support the ability to add additional text fields, you can specify which palette these new fields should utilize.  This is set in the template info area.

Click here to see a simple demonstration of a stamp template using this color palette.