eDocBuilder Update: Interactive Designer Field Rotation Capabilities Improved

Our developers recently released a change to the field rotation capabilities in eDocBuilder’s Interactive Designer. You may recall that prior to this update, end users changed text and image field rotation through clicking and dragging a green circle at the top of the field. There’s now an intuitive rotating arrows icon; the user can click and drag this icon to change the field’s rotation. While being rotated, the field displays a degree indicator so users can easily see numerically how much the field has been rotated. There is also a Rotation arrow button in the field edit area to the left of the preview; clicking this button rotates the field clockwise in 90 degree intervals (1st click = 90°, 2nd = 180°, 3rd = 270°, 4th = 360°).

Screenshot of rotated image field in eDocBuilder's Interactive Designer web-to-print solution

An image field being rotated in an Interactive Designer template – Note the rotation icon above the field. The degree indicator next to the icon shows that this field has been rotated 13 degrees counter-clockwise.