eDocBuilder Update

We released some updates to eDocBuilder last night.  Here’s a quick overview of the changes:

  1. Barcoding: In addition to QR Codes, we added native barcode support for UPC (UPC-A and UPC-E), Postnet, Intelligent Mail Barcode, Planet Code, Data Matrix, PDF417, Type 128, and 3 of 9.  All barcodes are CMYK (or spot color) vector based for optimal print quality.  You can use barcode generation in conjunction with  database merging for true dynamic barcode creation.
  2. Sequencing: Using a simple script, you can add sequencing to templates.  Specify a start number, end number, increment, and number formatting information to the script.  You can “hard code” sequencing information or allow your customer to specify the information.  Sequencing can extend to barcoding as well.  You can also apply sequences to VDP documents, and you can have multiple independent sequences on the same template.
  3. User Management:  You may create multiple users to access your eDocBuilder account.  For each user you may specify if she able to view only the templates she is working on or all templates within the account.
  4. Audit Trail:  Summarized changes to templates are recorded and reported in the template information area.  The user responsible for making the changes is also recorded.
  5. Custom number formatting:  In addition to our long list of predefined ways to format numbers, you may now specify a custom approach to formatting a number.
  6. Scripting for CMYK:  We added a more simple way to specify CMYK colors within an HTML script.  For example: “<font cmyk=”100,50,0,0″>Color</font>”
  7. Space handling.  You can now specify if multiple spaces entered by your customer or generated by a script should be treated as multiple spaces or as a single space.