Latest Aleyant PrintJobManager™ Release Now Available

The PrintJobManager team has made a number of changes and enhancements in the latest release. In addition to numerous tweaks and fixes, we have created several key new features:

Updated Pricing Group Function

As part of our ongoing enhancements and in an effort to simplify pricing calculations based on feedback we have received from customers in different regions, we have implemented changes to Price Groups inside of PrintJobManager.

We have removed the “Override” function to a price group when it is used to calculate pricing inside of a Job or Estimate. Previously when an “Override Price Group” was used, it would override any markups or markdowns that were entered on the resource or material level.  This caused confusion and conflicting pricing calculations. By removing the override function, price groups now will calculate on Price Basis to return the Pre-Tax Price, as seen in the images below.



By removing the override function, as well as removing the requirement to assign a Resource & Material to a specific price group, pricing calculations are simplified and give users more flexibility when creating a “cost +” pricing approach.

Updated Product Engine Testing

Along with the enhancement to the Price Group functionality, we have also enhanced price testing for a Product Engine.

Based on user feedback, we’ve added a new column of “Raw Cost” to the product engine testing page.

Raw Cost is defined as the actual cost that is entered into a Resource’s Process with no overhead or markup attached.  Also defined as “Pure Cost” or “Purchase Cost” for materials.

In the below image, the Actual Cost for this process is defined in the Unit Price, Hourly Labor and Hourly Equipment.


To achieve “Price Basis”,  users can now use the Markup/Markdown fields inside of the resource or material to apply overhead markups or the “cost of doing business”, as seen in the example below with a material.


The “Raw Cost” of this material is $1 with a 100% Markup for overhead. The “Price Basis” for this material would then return $2.

When testing a product engine to determine sell price, users can now see both the Raw Cost and the Price Basis before applying a Price Group to calculate the Pre-Tax Price for their products.

With this feature enhancement, PrintJobManager can now provide users with more information regarding true cost versus profitability.

Redesign of Job Ticket

Along with the Job Summary Ticket, we’ve also redesigned the layout of the Job Ticket.   New items include:

  1. The addition of the options selected in the product engine.
  2. We’ve grouped the production resources by department for easier transition.
  3. Included any custom fields that are created.
  4. Added new Customer Job Notes fields as well as the expanded Production notes



Additional Updates and Bug Fixes

To help with the needs of our customers from around the world, we’ve expanded the limit to the character fields in Organization and Person for Name, Address, and others.

When editing components in a Product Engine,  the components will now stay in place after saving. Previously, they would rearrange back to the top of the list.

We have also resolved multiple bugs related to performance, permissions and more.

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Therese McGady

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