Pressero v4.11.9 Released

Pressero v4.11.9 was released on November 19.  As usual there are a number of fixes and tweaks.  But there are also a few new items worth mentioning:

  1. Updated translations for Catalan, Chinese, and Turkish
  2. You can now import locations for a b2b site in the admin.  Grab the excel template from the locations admin page, populate, and upload.
  3. We’ve added a tax ID field at the site and user level.  This will typically be used for capturing a VAT id, but is flexible enough to be used for other purposes.  You can rename this field in site settings in the admin.
  4. The language a site displays in has been driven by your customer’s browser settings.  This is still the default, however, you can now “force” the site to appear in a single language by enabling the culture lock option in site settings.
  5. User import is now enabled for b2c sites.
  6. Google site analytics has always been supported in Pressero v4.  This latest release adds support for Google Ecommerce Tracking.
  7. We now have integration with MailChimp.  From the user admin area in a site, you can easily push users from Pressero into MailChimp.  You can optionally include date of account creation, last login, and last order… this has some very cool implications for targeted email marketing.   We’ll do a full blog post on this in the near future.