Exciting Changes for Pressero Coming 2Q 2015

Over the last few years we have introduced a number of new features and capabilities to Pressero.  Our focus has been on continual, frequent improvements.  I know it’s been very rewarding for the entire Aleyant team to see so many printing companies be successful using the Pressero Web-to-Print platform.
We have also seen a number of changes in our industry over the last few years.  Web technologies and software development approaches have evolved quite a bit.  Mobile is increasingly important.  Printing companies are expanding beyond ink on paper.  What is expected from a Web-to-Print solution is far more sophisticated than what our customers needed in the past.
To continually offer more from Pressero, it is time to once again invest in its architecture.  This means we need to put a brief hold on churning out new capabilities so that we can focus on re-engineering its core processes in a more robust and scalable manner.  Although faster speeds will be a side benefit, our goal with this re-investment is not to create new capabilities, but to provide a better foundation to build new features on top of.
We have already started working on version 6 and believe that we will complete it in the second quarter of 2015.  It’s important for you to know that during this time, Aleyant will continue provide technical support and fix any issues that surface with version 5.  Also, this will be an “in place” upgrade, meaning that there is nothing you will need to do when it is ready.  And rest assured that we will invite you to try out the new version before we make it publically available.
As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
Greg Salzman