Fenway Group Benefits from Aleyant Pressero™ Web-to-Print B2B eCommerce Solution


Fenway Group, a comprehensive communications company in Boston, MA, utilizes Pressero to provide B2B storefronts to a wide variety of their customers, including non-profit, direct mail, healthcare and financial services organizations. With private B2B storefronts, customers have a safe, secure and convenient way to order printing, 24/7. Pressero offers complete web-to-print storefronts that best serve the needs of both Fenway’s customers, and Fenway’s internal production requirements, all at a price that is hard to match.

Customers can order pre-approved branded, personalized printing from private B2B storefronts using their computer, tablet or even mobile phones. Once ordered, print orders skip all the steps of customer service, artwork, design and prepress, and go straight into production. Jobs are routed to the correct printer automatically, ticketed, imposed, and ready to print. By automating the production workflow, Fenway Group is able to produce more work, more productively than ever before.

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For more information regarding Pressero, visit pressero.com.