Field Drag-and-Drop, Align and Distribute, and NonPrintable Fields in latest Aleyant eDocBuilder™ Release!

Drag it and Drop it!

Want to change the arrangement of fields your customer sees in their template from the Field Designer?

Now you can!

Our latest update to the Field Designer allows you to drag, drop, and resize Form Template fields. You can also resize fields so they display beside each other no matter if they’re located within Entry Blocks or not. You can even add or remove fields from an entry block using drag-and-drop!

Find this feature when editing a template in the Field Designer, on the Form tab on the far left of the page.

eDoc Drag and Drop Animation

If you are using Entry Blocks, there’s also an option to force smaller fields to be on separate lines, instead of next to one another. This is exclusive to fields that are grouped in an Entry Block. See the animation below!

eDoc Force Field New Line Animation

If you’re using an Interactive Designer template, and not a Form template, we have changes for you too.  You can drag and drop fields in the order you would like them to appear to the customer while on the Form tab as well. (You won’t be able to resize them, however.)

eDoc Drag and Drop Interactive Designer Fields Animation

Note that dragging and dropping fields on the Form tab of the Field Designer will also change the order of the fields on the Field Setup page.

Aligning and Distributing Multiple Fields

To further help you edit templates or create templates from scratch in the Field Designer, you can now align and distribute multiple fields. To select multiple fields hold down the CTRL (PC) or Command (Mac) key and click on each field you want to align or distribute.

eDoc Multiple Fields Selected

Once you have multiple fields selected, you can look at the far right for a menu that allows you to align and distribute the selected fields.

eDoc Field Alignment Choices

The first three icons allow you to left-align, center-align, and right-align all selected fields.

The middle three icons allow you to align all selected fields to the bottom, center, or top.

Finally, the last two icons allow you to distribute all selected fields vertically, or horizontally.

Duplicating Multiple Fields

Another great option added to multiple field selection in the Field Designer when you have multiple fields selected, is to duplicate them.

First, make sure you’re on the Fields tab in the Field Designer. Then select the fields while holding down the CTRL or Commandkeys. At the top of the Fields tab, you will see a counter telling you how many fields you have selected, and a white button that will say Duplicate if you hover your mouse over it.

eDoc Duplicate Button

Click that, and a series of boxes will pop up where you can name the field, set the prompt, and set the tooltip.

eDoc Duplicate Rename Prompt

After that, click Create to move onto the next.

There will be one box to fill out for each field!

Deleting Multiple Fields

Want to get rid of several fields, fast?  While on the Fields tab in the Field Designer, hold down CTRL or Command keys and click all the fields you want to remove, then click the red Delete button.

eDoc Delete Multiple

(And if you delete fields by mistake, hit the Undo button to bring them back!)

Field Designer now Supports NonPrintable Fields

The purpose of the nonprintable area is to indicate to your customer that they cannot add any images or text to a particular area of the template. A field that is set as a nonprintable area will never print on the production file or display in the preview and prevents the customer from adding any images or text in that area.

The ability to add NonPrintable fields directly via the Field Designer has been added. Previously you could set a field as NonPrintable on the Field Setup page, but now you can add a completely new NonPrintable field in the Field Designer.

Look under the Insert menu to find it!

eDoc Insert Non-Printable


By default, a NonPrintable field is grey with a crossed-out printer icon.

eDoc Non-Printable Field Default Image

Once you add a NonPrintable field in the Field Designer, you can also assign an image by selecting an image that you previously added to your template assets.

eDoc Non-Printable Image Field With Image

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