Our First Blog About Printing

Like many of our customers, blogging is a new communication vehicle and perhaps a bit intimidating. What should we say? Or maybe more importantly what shouldn’t we say? We likely will not be getting into the details of software development. Although our code work is a thing of beauty, only another software geek would appreciate it. So we will likely use our blog as another way for us to share our thoughts and a variety of topics generally related to printing in general and web-to-print (W2P) in particular. Perhaps over time, this will change. But for now, that’s were our focus will be.

Web-to-Print Today

Web-to-print is more than just a website capable of file transfer and taking print orders. It’s about workflow automation and integration with back end systems. It’s about the degree of control both you and your customers have over the print design, ordering, management, tracking, and payment process. It’s about being able to work seamlessly with outside vendors and inside accounting systems. It’s about tailoring the ordering experience for the targeted customer or market—whether that means a local language or currency, or a range of catalog items, or something else. In short it’s about power and flexibility. We think our Pressero system strikes a careful balance between a top of the line web-to-print system and one that is actually affordable for mid-sized to small print provider.

Aleyant Systems—More than a Pretty Face for W2P

If you don’t know us yet, we are often the last stop on the road to a full featured web-to-print system. Many of our customers started with one of our “competitors”, but have outgrown their limited capabilities, or found that a system designed 10 years ago just does not have the horsepower to deliver the level of sophistication print service providers and their customers need today.

See Web-to-Print Work

Certainly our customers see the value Pressero provides compared to what they have bought before. You can judge for yourself, of course. Our website has a short video overview of our B2B, B2C, personalization, and interactive design capabilities. Like an iceberg, this video shows maybe 10% of what the system can do. We’d need a feature length film to show it all!

Demo Please

As the saying goes, seeing is believing. Besides the video, we can arrange a personal tour and demonstration tailored to the needs of you and your customer. Just give us a call at 800-571-2138, or 630-929-0104, or International 00-1-630-929-0104. Or send an email.

-Steve Ciesemier