Fotolia Integration Now Available in eDocBuilder

We’re pleased to announce that during last weekend’s eDocBuilder release, we finalized integration with Fotolia, a leader in stock imagery. If you enable this integration, you can offer Fotolia images to your customers for use in Interactive Designer templates.

Your customers’ experience with Fotolia

For a template where you have enabled Fotolia integration, when your customer chooses to add or change an image, they will see a “Stock Photos” tab in addition to the preexisting My Images, My Computer, and Facebook tabs. The name of the “Stock Photos” tab is customizable by template. In this tab, the customer can search for images and then select the one they like best.

Customizing a Template with Fotolia Integration

An example of what your customer might see when looking for a Fotolia stock image
The “Fotolia” tab can be renamed.

After selecting the image, they can use it in the same way they would use an image uploaded from their computer or imported from Facebook.

Cropping a Fotolia image for a web-to-print template

This template allows images to be cropped, so the user can crop the image they have selected from Fotolia.

Try it! Fotolia integration is enabled in the Interactive Photo Album template at

How to enable Fotolia in your Interactive Designer templates

In your eDocBuilder account, go to the Admin tab. In the Fotolia credentials area, enter your Fotolia account’s API Key, Username, and Password. Also select your licensing type: Standard or Extended. Standard image licenses are charged per image usage. Extended image licenses allow re-use but are more expensive. When your customer uses a Fotolia image, edocBuilder will check to see if your account has already purchased an extended license for an image before purchasing the image again.

The Fotolia credentials area in eDocBuilder's Admin tab

The Fotolia credentials area in eDocBuilder’s Admin tab

In an Interactive Designer template, go to the Template Info tab. In the Fotolia Integration area, select “Allow using Fotolia.” Use the “Fotolia tab title” to customize the name of the Stock Photos tab your customer will see when adding or changing an image.

Template-specific Fotolia setup

These Fotolia integration settings are found in a template’s Template Info area.

Your experience with Fotolia

Fotolia is a paid service, so you will need to pay Fotolia for the stock images used by your customer. The price depends on the resolution of the image. eDocBuilder automatically selects the correct resolution based on the size of the field in the template and the Image Quality Ranges that you have configured in a template’s Template Info tab or a field’s Data Capture tab. Because you are responsible to pay for the images, you should design your template and pricing structure in a way that incorporates the additional image cost. For instance, you may want to not allow new image fields to be added to the template or to limit the width and height to which added images can be resized. You can do both these things in the Template Info tab. Images are not actually purchased until the final production file is generated: i.e., until the user has checked out or the PDF file is generated from the Orders tab in eDocBuilder.