Free Aleyant Webinar – Learn How Aleyant Pressero’s Integration with Compose’s Ganging Module Can Save You Time & Costs

Have you heard about imposition and ganging but not sure exactly what they are or how they can help your print business? Well, in today’s marketplace, it seems production efficiency has never been more important. One way printers are responding is by minimizing set up charges by grouping numerous, similar print jobs on press at the same time, also called imposition. Although this resurgence in gang run printing is promising, there are still barriers to entry for printers. The time and costs required to calculate ideal gang run impositions have been cost prohibitive, and it usually takes an experienced print estimator to manually calculate optimum groupings. However, thanks to Pressero’s integration with Compose’s ganging software, QuickFit4Print, there is now a way to streamline and automate your prepress and production workflows, beginning with orders from your online print shop. By fully optimizing your press sheet, QuickFit4Print enables printers to print more jobs with less stock waste in less time resulting in huge cost reductions.


Our August webinar will be hosted by Jeff Protheroe, Aleyant’s Vice-President of Sales for Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, along with Greg Chan, Compose’s Sales and Marketing Manager. Together they will demonstrate how Pressero users with Aleyant Automated Workflow Integrator™ (AWI) can integrate with Compose’s, QuickFit4Print, to realize cost and time-savings, especially in offset environments.


QuickFit4Print is a powerful intelligent multiple jobs ganging solution that is designed to handle print jobs of different sizes and print runs automatically; it can determine their optimal imposition layout for a predefined plate size or in the case of digital presses, a predefined paper size. QuickFit can streamline your production and provide labor and material cost savings.


There will be two sessions scheduled for this webinar to accommodate our global customers on Tuesday, August 30, 2016:
Session 1 is at 10 AM SGT.
Session 2 is scheduled for 10 PM SGT / 4PM CEST.
Time will be allotted for a 20-minute Q&A session. Space is limited, register today!


Register here for Session 1 (10 AM SGT).
Register here for Session 2 (10 PM SGT / 4PM CEST).


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