Get Chatty with Your Store Visitors

Did you know you can add chat services to your Pressero web to print store? You can, and it’s pretty easy.

The first step is to sign up for a chat service. If you search for “chat services for website” you’ll find plenty to choose from like LivePerson, WhoseOn, etc.

Of course, Pressero does not lock you into a predetermined chat service. Instead, you have the freedom to choose the one that best fits your needs.

I tried one called SnapEngage. I liked their tagline: “Turn Visitors into Customers” and unlike some others, their website had enough information about their service that I decided to give it a try. Besides, some Pressero customers use SnapEngage, and our customers are pretty good at finding great software at an affordable price, right?

I found the free trial signup for SnapEngage to be very quick and easy. Within a couple  minutes I had an account and  I was looking at their Configurator control, opened to the Get The Code tab. And there is was, some JavaScript code that I could simply copy and paste into my store. The code starts with <script type=”text/javascript”> and ends with </script>.

So I copied this code and headed over to Pressero Admin where I opened the Site > Settings > SEO/HTML tab area. I clicked the Edit HTML Head Content bar and pasted the code into the content area, Save and done.

There was now a HELP button like a Levi’s jeans tag on the left side of my store.
Clicking it brought up a chat window.

I used the SnapEngage Configurator to link this chat window with my Skype account for chat sessions, but I could have chosen GoogleTalk or SnapEngage’s own chat admin webpage.

Now, SnapEngage has a variety of ways you can setup Agents (the person/people at your end who will be chatting with your website visitors), but I’ll leave it to SnapEngage to answer your questions about those and other details of their service.

I was even able to add a Live Chat button in the contact block area of my home page. This button will automatically display either “Leave A Message” or “Live Help Online” depending on your agent’s availability. Nice.

Setting up a chat capability in your Pressero web to print store is pretty easy. It took me about 15 minutes, most of it mousing around in the SnapEngage admin area.

Lucia Blanco