How to Use Overlays in eDocBuilder Templates

eDocBuilder web to print design template software supports the creation of a custom overlay. An overlay such as a border can be made part of the printed production file, or an overlay of instructional text can be displayed on the proof only.

There are many reasons why you might want to add a custom overlay to your web to print design templates.

  • Education. Instruct a user about safe areas, trim lines, etc.
  • Visual design. Provide users with an idea of where holes will be punched or a postage stamp or barcode will be applied, so they can avoid placing critical data in those areas.
  • Special effects. Create intricate border effects that use irregular cut out shapes and silhouettes.
The grass shape in this template is an overlay. Users can upload their own background behind the grass.

The grass shape in this template is an overlay. Users can upload their own background, and it appears behind the grass.

Custom overlays can be used in both form-based templates and in Interactive Designer templates. In Interactive Designer templates, any text or image fields that your customers add will be limited to being underneath overlay fields.

To prepare an image for being an overlay, upload it to the Graphic Files section of your template’s Assets area.

To set up an overlay field in a template, select “Image” as the field type and “Graphic File” as the data source in the Field Type tab.

In the overlay field’s Data Capture tab, select the graphic file that you uploaded earlier.

The field’s Format tab is where you specify that it will be an overlay. In the Stacking Order menu, you can enter a number between -1 and 110. Each number represents a different layer of your template. -1 places a field behind the master PDF. Layers 1-100 are normal layers, with a higher number meaning closer to the front. Layers 101-110 are for overlays; no customer-added image or text fields can be placed above these layers.


This field has a Stacking Order of 101 set in its Format tab, meaning that it will be an overlay file. “Proofing Only” is selected in the Field Usage menu, so this overlay will not show up on the production file.

If you want the overlay to show up only on the preview but not on the production file, select “Proofing Only” from the Field Usage menu. If you would like it to be on the production file and in the user preview, select “Proof & Production File.”

To see some examples of how overlays can be used, click “Try It!” next to the Interactive Overlay template on the eDocBuilder demo page.