Image Quality Feedback in Aleyant eDocBuilder™, Plus More Updates in Aleyant Pressero™ & eDocBuilder Now Available!


Admin Grid UI Update

It’s blue! It’s beautiful! It’s row-highlighting!

There’s tons of grids in Pressero Admin, and sometimes you have to scroll to the right to see every field. It can be easy to get lost in data, especially if you have more than a couple rows.

To help you become “less lost”, now when you hover your mouse over a row, that row is highlighted in blue. This change is universal for all grids in Pressero Admin.

But wait! We didn’t use just one shade of blue. Hovering your mouse over a row in the Orders Grid will turn it  light blue, while selecting a row turns it into a bold, dark blue. See the examples below.


Note the light blue “hover” color when you hover your mouse over a grid row in Pressero Admin.


Note the dark blue “selected” color when you click on a grid row in Pressero Admin Orders area.


Catalog Organization Updates

Two new updates have been made to the recently released Catalog Organization feature:

  1. The Categories and Product lists now have search boxes.
  2.  When no categories are selected, the list of products is no longer shown, giving more room to work with categories comfortably. (The list of products appears once you select a category to work with.)

Note the highlighted Search box in yellow. Also note increased space in the Categories column.


Clicking on a category will display products. Use the search box (in yellow) to find specific items by name.


Integration with CashNet (Blackboard) Payment Provider




We have completed an integration with CashNet’s eMarket Checkout Component.

Cashnet (Blackboard)  is a leading payment technology provider that provides secure transaction services to over 700 campuses in higher education, reaching 5 million students nationwide.

To learn more, visit:


Update to Order Reports


Who you gonna call? Well, perhaps the person who placed the order!

Previously, “phone” was listed in Order Reports for the Bill to and Ship to contacts, but was absent for the person who had made the order.

In the latest update, we’ve rectified that, and now you’ll see the phone number of the person who placed the order as well.


Image Quality Feedback Available for Form Templates


Sometimes an idea is so good, we use it again.

Previously, you could set DPI resolution standards (Good, Acceptable, Poor, and Unacceptable) on the Interactive Designer templates.

Now, you can ALSO set these standards on Form templates. This allows you to vet the DPI of the images your customers are uploading for you to use.


  • 300+ DPI: Good Quality
  • 200+ DPI: Acceptable
  • 100+ DPI: Poor (but still usable)
  • < 100 DPI: Unacceptable

Go to the Field Setup > Data Capture tab to customize the settings as you’d like.


Multiple Selection Capabilities


Rotate everything!

Now you can select multiple fields at a time by holding down Command or Control, and selecting multiple items.

This applies to the Field Designer Interactive and form based templates, as well as the Interactive Designer when customers are customizing their templates.

Once multiple fields are selected, you can move, rotate, resize or delete all of them at once.

Coming Soon: Duplicate, Align, and Distribute.


In the above image, you can see multiple fields being rotated at the same time using the new multiple selection functionality added to the Field Designer and Interactive Designer templates.

Other Updates

  • Text Overflow was added to the Field Designer.
  • In the Field Setup and Field Designer areas, you now have Color Pickers for Font Effect Outlines and Shadows.

For more information regarding Pressero web-to-print, please visit here

Therese McGady

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