Important Updates to Aleyant Pressero® Released Today

Set Number of Days to Save Items for Later

A change was made to the ‘Save for Later’ feature in Pressero (Admin > Sites > Settings > General Info tab/Site Basics). Subscribers can now set the amount of time they want the item to be available to their customers. This option is set on a site-by-site basis. The default number of days continues to be 60. It is important to remember that increasing the amount of time will increase the amount of storage used. This could result in additional fees to your subscription. Please note that eDocBuilder products can only be saved if the template session exists. You should refer to the storage settings you have made in eDocBuilder for the product template to know the maximum number of days you have allowed.


It is suggested that you add instructions for your customer on the Shopping Cart and Save for Later pages so they know how long their items will remain available to them.


Additional Information Available for Administrators on Orders that Used an Approval Workflow

Pressero administrators often want more detail on the approval process and the person who approved or denied an order. We’ve now expanded on the information available to your staff. Go to the order > click on the order detail and then select the “Approval Information” tab. You will see we now make the following items available: the date the item was either approved or denied, the approver, the date the request was first made, the approval plan used for the order, the approval plan rule, rule step and rule type.

“Cell Phone” Field Added to New User “Create an Account” Form Page

We have now added a field for “cell phone” that your customer can complete when they create a new user account.


For those using Aleyant eDocBuilder™, you may already know that we can pre-fill user data into your templates using the “Profile” option in eDocBuilder (Field Setup > Data Capture Tab > Profile Field Type). With this new addition you can now pull the cell phone data into your templates saving your customers time creating their templates and helping them avoid errors.

A Small But Helpful Change Made to the “PO Number” Column Your Customers See in Their Order History

As you may know, in the Pressero admin, you are able to use the “Purchase Order Prompt” field for more than just PO numbers. Often you need to collect information from your customer during the ordering process and using this prompt is a perfect option. Up until now, your customer would see that field named whatever you changed it to on the checkout page. But when they went to their Order History, they would see a column still named “PO Number.” We heard from you this was confusing, and we agreed. With this release, you will see that we will now rename that column to be the same name as the prompt you set. This will eliminate confusion for your customers.

In the first image below you will see where you can set how you want the prompt for a Purchase Order to read (admin > Site > General Info tab > Checkout section). In the second image, you will see the name of the column your customer will see in their storefront Order History after logging into their account.


New Payment and Shipping Providers Added for Croatian Subscribers

We added CorvusPay to our list of payment providers integrated with Pressero. For details on this provider, see And we added Overseas shipping method to our list of shipping providers integrated with Pressero. For details on this provider, see

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